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Nov 25,2021

Today we live in an era where conversational communication occupies a very important place in companies. Brands now know they need to deliver more availability and relevance in every phase of the customer journey. Moreover, technology offers a solution to the problem of interactivity and proximity to businesses. Thanks to bots, brands can remain available to their customers at all times. But is it better to offer a Callbot or Chatbot? Discover the particularity of these two types of chatbots.

What are the advantages of the CallBot?

The Callbot is a program that can understand what a person says and interacts with him on the phone. More precisely, the callbot can analyze and interpret what a person says thanks to NLP or Natural Language Processing (Semantic Analysis). As a result, the call robot can give reliable and consistent answers to questions asked by customers or future customers over the phone.

We can interact with a callbot in the same way as voice assistants in connected objects and our smartphones. However, since speaking is more natural than writing, voice bots seem convenient and easier to use. In addition, it is a solution that presents multiple advantages for companies, in particular, those which are very busy on the phone:

More productivity and responsiveness on the part of the company

Thanks to the callbot, the time to process requests is almost reduced. It can handle calls in 1 to 2 minutes by getting straight to the point. It is also handy in times of peak demand. Thanks to the callbot, customer service saturation can be avoided. Then through the callbot, customer service can remain available 24 hours a day to process requests or carry out preprocessing.

Improved customer experience

The callbot improves the customer experience by handling simple requests and leaving the most complex cases to customer advisers. Faced with intense competition, offering your customers a bad experience or a catastrophic customer journey is unacceptable. The advisor / callbot duo is undoubtedly the perfect pair for qualitatively assisting clients.

The solution to the new expectations of customers and prospects

Today, of course, very few companies use a callbot solution. However, this solution tends to be democratized quickly, especially among the younger generation who prefer Customer Self-Service. Indeed, many of today’s clients would instead find a solution themselves rather than rely on an advisor. Therefore, setting up a callbot can be practically helpful to integrate self-assist to your customers.

What are the advantages of ChatBot?

The chatbot is undoubtedly the most widely used intelligent conversational agent for businesses. This software allows the company to interact faster with customers and prospects to provide them with their support. Compared to callbots, chat assistants are much easier to set up. Some chatbots are even able to learn while improving their responses throughout interactions.

The chatbot is a marketing automation tool particularly adored by SMEs and larger companies because of its many advantages:

Customer service automation

Thanks to the chatbot, users can present their problems with ease. This conversational agent can assist clients with minor issues faster, helping advisors save time on important cases. It is only in the event of a complex problem that a manager will intervene and take over. In addition, the chatbot can assist customers and prospects at any time. The waiting time is then reduced, and the company can help all of its customers.

The opportunity to get to know customers better

Another undeniable advantage of chatbots is the collection of various pieces of information about business customers and prospects. Indeed, by presenting their request or exposing their problem via the chatbot, a brand can better understand their expectations. Thus, it can take steps to further improve the quality of its customer experience.

Purchase incentive

Another advantage of the chatbot is to play the role of personal assistant for future customers. They can suggest products or services that are best for them by asking them a few questions. It thus acts as a personalized shopping assistant, offering what customers are looking for as relevant as possible.

Verdict: it all depends on the criteria and needs of the company

Whether it is a callbot or a chatbot, the conversational agent is essential for a company. The use of one or the other will depend on the issues or the objectives to be achieved or the criteria for the brand.

For a company that wishes to enhance proximity to its customers, the use of the callbot is preferable. Although the technology is still in its infancy, a call assistant bot offers a whole new experience for corporate customers. The callbot is a local conversational agent who will help the customer in his journey as a real personalized advisor would.

For its part, the chatbot also has the same advantages as the callbot. It is accessible at all times and provides the assistance customers need. However, the chatbot is more strategic insofar as it collects data on buyers and prospects. It is, therefore, the best option for companies that need to know their customers better, such as start-ups and SMEs.

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