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Version 2.2 of Google Flutter will include new payment and cloud integration functionality. Google also indicates that Flutter is gaining traction among developers.

With Flutter, developers have an open-source UI SDK that allows them to develop applications for multiple (mobile) operating systems based on a single code base. Flutter currently supports Android, iOS, Linux, Mac, Windows and Google Fuchsia, among others.

New functionality in Flutter 2.2

A lot of functionality is added in version 2.2 of Flutter. While the previous version 2.0 focused on more integration between mobile applications and desktop, web-based and embedded applications, version 2.2 is now mainly focused on adding payment options and integrating with cloud services.

These include improved performance for Android components and limiting so-called first-run errors in iOS.  The DevTools suite within Flutter can now track memory allocation and now includes third-party extensions as well. Also, the tool now has a streamlined process to bring applications to desktop operating systems, including Windows, macOS, and Linux.

In addition, Flutter is now also integrated into the development stack with a new SDK for advertising and a plugin for payment options. It makes payments possible for physical goods via Android and iOS.  Support for native interoperability via Dart 2.13 has also been added. It also supports GitHub Actions and a Docker image for business logic.

More traction

Google remains enthusiastic about Flutter and indicates that other parties increasingly use this open-source UI SDK for their development processes. One of eight applications in the Google Play Store would now be built with Flutter platform.

The Microsoft Surface team uses Flutter to build foldable experiences. Recently, an alpha version of Flutter support has already been launched for UW applications for Windows 10. Samsung is bringing Flutter to its Tizen operating system, and Adobe is now offering an XD to Flutter plugin.

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