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The Flutter framework is quickly becoming the most popular option in cross-platform development.

If you plan to hire a developer with expertise in Flutter development, you can quickly build a feature-rich mobile app.

What is Flutter?

Flutter is the most commonly used technology in 2020 because developers have no restrictions on the platform or operating system. Released as an open-source UI software development kit by Google in 2018, the framework eliminates a lot of developer time.

With the convenience of cross-platform development, they can quickly develop iOS and Android apps created with a single codebase. In addition, the developer has access to an impressive set of tools and frameworks.

Responsibilities of developers using the framework

The developer must know the Flutter SDK and Dart programming languages ​​to create wonderfully interactive applications. He then needs to test those apps to make sure they work well in the market. Finally, the application must adhere to the system and meet the needs of the users.

It is also essential that the developer has a basic understanding of Agile development. In addition, It must be able to write concise and well-documented code and optimize customer-oriented software. Finally, and most importantly, you must also have excellent social skills.

Once the app is ready to go, it will be uploaded to Google Play or the App Store. Once the testers start using the app, there will be feedback on the usability and functionality of the apps, which the developer, quality analyst teams will then monitor.

Due to the popularity of the framework, the demand for developers is enormous. Several companies are looking to build Flutter apps, so there is a huge market for developers. Google released different versions of Flutter in August and September, and in the latest version, you get the following benefits:

  • Developing Flutter apps for iOS 14
  • Flutter development for Android 11
  • Assistance with internationalization and localization
  • Google Maps and WebView plugins
  • New Dart development tools

Developers must follow Agile.

Flutter experts must be agile to get results faster and adapt more quickly to demands if they arise.

Flutter and readable code

Codes can change, and what works now may not work later. Furthermore, the tangled codes could be even more complex, and in such a state, developers could be confused, not understand how it works, and then updating the codes could prove to be a tedious task.

Developers should focus on creating optimized codes.

Flutter specialists should be extra careful when building mobile apps using optimized codes. That’s because they have stiff competition with other apps, and that’s not all – cell phones have lower power processors and shorter battery life. And that makes it essential for developers to be experts in optimized code.

What skills should you look for in Flutter experts:

Since Flutter is a reasonably new framework, the SDK comes with its custom programming language, Dart. The novelty of the framework makes it a fair game for developers, although having experience in different programming languages ​​is an added advantage. The developer aspires to do their best with Flutter and has considerable experience with version control tools such as Git and knowledge of Android and iOS development.

To find good Flutter experts.

If you’re looking for experts in Flutter app development, here are a few simple things to look out for:

1) Have created iOS and Android applications

If you’re looking to build a good, credible developer with expertise in Flutter, be sure to check out at least two iOS or Android apps they’ve created, along with their popularity levels, before committing to them.

2) Experience is useful

Ideally, 5-6 years of experience in mobile software development would be a good thing, if not mandatory.

3) Third-party libraries and APIs

Knowledge of third-party libraries and APIs is an added advantage as it saves development time when you’re in a bit of a rush. You can focus on core business logic and use the features people use rather than filling the app with features.

4) Knowledge of Agile methodology

Make sure developers are familiar with Agile technology. This is a point that we had mentioned before, but reaffirming it once again because it is essential. By following Agile practices, developers will perform continuous iteration, regularly incorporate changes into code, and test-driven development.

5) Good at problem-solving

A flutter expert should also be good at problem-solving and communicating the same to their team. Additionally, the developer should be good at planning application architecture, writing comprehensive documentation, testing, performing maintenance and ongoing support, and expanding application functionality…

It is also essential that the developer is familiar with SQLite, MYSQL, PostgreSQL databases, REST APIs, and experience with Git and Jira.

Knowledge of Swift and Objective-C (for iOS development) and React Native (in hybrid development), and Java and Kotlin (for Android) are also additional assets.

New versions of Flutter make it popular among developers. Strong community support and advanced features make the framework score several points against React Native and Xamarin. In addition, since Google supports Flutter, you can get your product to market without much hassle.

It’s also a good option when you want to avoid the limitations of Xamarin and React Native. In addition, the delivery process becomes much more accessible, with increased productivity and less use of resources.

Consider the different business models when hiring a developer:

  • Time-Based Model – This is more like a fixed time model where companies hire developers based on the number of hours they spend on the project, increasing or decreasing the scope of the work. Payment is made once the work is completed.
  • Fixed Price Model – In the work contract of the Fixed Price Model, there will be a timeline in which the contract will be terminated, and if the deadline is exceeded, then the additional services will be fixed with a different contract. There will be comments during this period and other improvements. Most companies choose this model for MVP development and have reduced their expenses with valuable results by using Flutter.
  • Dedicated Resource Recruitment Model – This is the most preferred model for reliable collaboration as it contributes to long-term successful business relationships. You can add the Flutter expert to your internal team, and this person can work remotely.


Hiring is never easy. But Flutter experts are in high demand as Flutter mobile app development is on the rise. Consider the technical skills, experience, location, and other essential aspects of the developer before making the final choice. Consider their technical skills, such as asking them a few trick questions to assess their knowledge.

An example of a trick question concerns the format of layout files. A proper developer would tell you that Flutter uses widgets instead of layout files, and there’s no separation between code and layout like previous Android frameworks.

If you would like to learn more about Flutter Application Development, contact us at Weboccult Technologies, and we will be happy to help.

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