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10 Apr 2020


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The introduction of Flutter was nothing less than revolutionary. At a time when developers and techpreneurs were going crazy over the cross-platform development tool at that time – React Native – arrived Flutter.

Though it took almost two years for it to make heads turn, when it did, it managed to attract rave reviews and patronage. Gradually moving away from React Native (while it’s still popular today), developers and entrepreneurs started becoming curious about Flutter app development cost. While some had an idea that it costs less than native app development, others still considered Flutter mobile app development a buzzword.

That’s why we thought it’s best to clear all the misconceptions surrounding Flutter and its associated costs of development. So, let’s get started with quickly understanding what Flutter is.

What Is Flutter?

Popularized in 2018, Flutter is an open-source software development kit that allows developers to build Android and iOS apps that are native-like. Flutter is powered by Dart, which is an OOPL (object-oriented programming language). Instead of making use of OEM widgets, Flutter boasts of preloaded widgets that can be easily integrated into diverse platforms. The user interface of Flutter is a blend of several widgets, where each widget defines a development entity such as –

  • Style elements such as font or colour
  • Structural elements such as buttons or menu
  • A layout such as padding

The Advantages Of Using Flutter

  • One of the first advantages of Flutter app development is that it is an open-source tool kit.
  • The widgets in Flutter are not part of the platform but the application. This means that there would be hardly any compatibility issues when deploying on either Android or iOS devices.
  • The testing time involved with Flutter application development is very less.
  • It features the ‘hot reloading’ functionality, where any change made in the code is instantly reflected.
  • Flutter allows developers to easily add and remove edits when they’re developing applications.
  • The presence of Android Studio and Visual Studio pave the way for smart completions depending on imported modules, function definitions, variable types and more.
  • One of the standout features of Flutter is that it offers a single codebase functionality, where developers have to build a codebase only once and then reuse it for both iOS and Android platforms.
  • Flutter boasts of exceptional documentation.
  • Supported by Google, the developer community for Flutter is really strong. Most of the concerns you face in developing an application is already solved in forums and support is probably a click away. This means the learning curve involved is also very less.

Now, if you notice, the advantages mentioned are ideal not just for developers but for entrepreneurs as well. While it does solve a lot of problems involved in the development phase, it also takes care of the probable concerns in business aspects like cost, time-to-market and more.

Let’s look at how the cost of development with Flutter looks like.

How Much Does Flutter Cost Of Development Cost?

The cost of development using Flutter is not linked to one universal factor. In fact, it’s not for any software development process. There are a number of factors that collectively influence the cost of development involved. So, regardless of whether it is native app development or cross-platform app development like with Flutter, these are the inevitable factors that influence development pricing.

The Complexity of App

Every app that you have used so far appear aesthetically beautiful, smooth and they seamlessly solve your problems. But behind each of the app, you use to lie a multitude of complexities. Even an app as simple as a note-taker has layers of complexities operating under the hood. So, the first factor that affects pricing is the level of complexity involved in your app.

Generally, you can classify app complexities into three:

  • Low
  • Medium
  • High

The app development budget is further demarked by factors such as –

  • Deployment architecture models
  • The development of admin panels
  • Any requirements of 3rd party integrations
  • Utilization of a device’s built-in features
  • Enterprise or Legacy System integrations and more

The Type Of App You Develop

Not all apps come with the same development requirements. Like we mentioned earlier, a note-taking app will have less features than an on-demand app like a food delivery app. While the latter requires signups, authentication, profile build-up, marketplace aggregation, artificial intelligence implementation and more, the former doesn’t require any of these (unless you intend to complicate things up).

So, the type of app you build immensely influences the pricing.

Hardware Utilization

As a general rule of thumb, understand that the cost of development increases with the increase in the number of hardware devices or features you intend to connect with your app. That’s why the development costs involved in building apps for wearable devices or IoT ecosystems are much higher.

The Design Of Your App

The simpler your apps is to use, the more intricate its design. A lot of efforts has to be put into designing an app that is free-flowing. To understand this better, choose one category and download two versions of the app – one that is the editor’s choice and the other that has the least reviews. Use both and analyse which one would have costed more keeping only the design and interface elements in mind.

The Maintenance Of Your App

Your job as an entrepreneur doesn’t end with your app’s launch. In fact, it gets more critical after that. Once it’s launched, you’ll always have to pay attention to the negative criticisms it faces loopholes in security or logic identified by customers and more. You’ll also have to consistently keep it relevant to the changing times by adding new features and functionalities.

The Flutter App Development Company

Apart from all these factors, one of the most crucial ones is the pricing charged by app development companies. Depending on where the agency is located, their experience, reputation in the market, what skill sets they bring to the table, their development cycles and more, every agency will quote a different hourly charge.

For instance, the cost of development in the US would be anywhere between $100 and $150 per hour. In countries like India and China, the cost would range between $18 and $50. So, it all depends on where you intend to get your app developed.

The Flutter Advantage

Now, despite all these factors, how Flutter significantly saves the development costs is with its features. Because of its single codebase feature and lower maintenance costs, Flutter arrives as a cost-effective app development tool. Flutter is ideal if you’re a solopreneur or a recent startup running a bootstrapped business. This tool is also ideal if your budget is limited but you still want to roll out a feature-rich app that is native-like.

So, now you have a complete idea of what Flutter is, its advantages and how it is an ideal choice for your startup. Like we mentioned, the development agency plays a crucial role in the future of your app and business. That’s why we recommend getting in touch with a Flutter app development company that has a proven history.

We suggest getting started with us as we not only bring our industry experience to the table but technical expertise too. We hire Flutter app developers who are best in the industry. Together, we can give the best shape to your app and operate at the most transparent levels.

Get in touch with us today to find out how you can go about creating a game-changing app with us.

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