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Oct 07,2021

Artificial intelligence has taken the world by storm, and like responsible decision-makers, you need to think about leveraging technology to improve business processes and user experience.

However, results do not come from intention but rather from development and implementation. Thus, it brings us to our first discussion of the day: Identifying the drivers of AI technology implementation.

Ten key factors to consider when implementing AI / ML technology

AI and ML technology is transforming various industries. It includes financing for insurance, retail, healthcare, manufacturing, and other high-tech industries. Optimizing business processes and improving efficiency, AI & ML are technologies that will define the future. It boosts profitability and the automation of repetitive tasks. It also helps you improve the user experience.

However, the implementation of the technology is a bit tricky. It would help if you readily had readily available resources and a solid strategy. In short, you don’t just have to use technology for the sake of using technology, but you need it to drive results and get faster ROI.

To prevent your efforts from being wasted, you need a business plan in advance and be prepared to execute artificial intelligence solutions. It will help you prepare for business transformation and improve the process and product development. It will also help you identify potential obstacles that may arise when implementing the technology.

1. Identify if AI is beneficial for your project requirements.

Before you start finding the right dot net development company that can help you with the technical implementation, there are times when everyone in the industry goes gaga over AI technology. You are also under pressure to use it. But often, a solution doesn’t require AI technology. Instead, it forces you to investigate so as not to allocate your resources in the wrong direction.

Once you have reached the point where AI is the cost-effective solution to meet your business needs, you can start to find a dot net development company that can serve as a suitable technology partner.

2. Consider developing a proof of concept or MVP

To be sure, you can use PoC or MVP development to confirm that the AI ​​solution is giving you the value you expect. A minimum viable product and a proof of concept will provide you with an essential product to test its functionality at less cost and time. With these solutions, you wouldn’t have to wait months to complete the development, implement it, and later realize that your investment was wasted.

3. Find out how AI can change your current operations.

AI and ML used in combination have enormous reach. You can use it in various combinations, improve your business operations, and automate the most repetitive tasks. Talk to multiple departments in your organization and learn about their challenges.

See if you can use the technology to improve your business operations. Identify the challenges that would arise from the transformation of technology and processes. You can use other services such as cloud computing, chatbot, customer support Omni, etc., to edit your existing business operations.

4. Integration of the AI ​​solution with the current system

Evaluate your current system and determine if the new AI system would help you improve your business operations. The new AI solution should not interfere with existing processes. The solution must provide you with a cost-effective and user-friendly experience.

Incorporating a new tool can affect your teamwork and overall employee productivity. Therefore, it is essential to identify the return on investment and evaluate the adjustments applicable to your organization—IT infrastructure and business application system.

5. Installation process

Some AI solutions are easy to implement and use, while others are not. It all depends on the complexity of the process. However, each solution varies, and some may require the service provider or IT department to be actively involved in support services. Therefore, the installation and commissioning of the system should be discussed from end to end. It is also essential to identify the party or members required to set it up and maintain the system.

6. Ensure adoption by end-users

Every AI development company is working on new ways to integrate modern technology solutions to improve business processes. AI solutions can help you transform your career path and streamline processes. Making a system user-friendly and providing training and support is essential in reducing the learning curve to creating a system easy to use for end-users.

7. Data requirements

AI Project requires large amounts of data before starting to work on the product itself; identify the elements necessary for the project’s success.

Communicate your concerns to the AI ​​development company for specific project requirements. You need to learn, capture, and analyze the complexities of storing, managing, and securing data because data is a driving force and operates at different optimization levels. Learn about data warehousing needs, such as the correct storage format, best practices to secure data, and standardization.

8. Security requirements

AI is used in various sectors and industries. But since the technology is new, it is important to discuss factors such as safety. Other software solutions, such as security, are of great concern. You must learn how to modify and upgrade your system to serve new business functions and new users.

Businesses need to understand the impact of potential security threats. Consult with the technology vendor on the appropriate measures to protect your data and system from attacks.

Sectors such as healthcare and fintech are highly vulnerable to data vulnerabilities and cyber attacks. In addition, many industries have their regulations and standards; system update is required.

9. Infrastructure requirements

Each AI solution is different from the other. Additional usage and implementation processes require different IT infrastructures. It is necessary to run it with technology experts to understand the resources you would have to allocate to improve the infrastructure. Then, adopt and use the new solution at scale to ensure business efficiency.

10. Customized solution

It is essential to ask the technology partner to provide you with a solution that meets your organization’s specific needs. Learn more about three suppliers e part, specialized workflow models, integrated working between other existing applications, etc., need to discuss before undergoing development.

Once you’ve identified these factors, it’s time to find the right Android app development company or software development company to help you with integrated AI solutions.

Hire AI development service providers

The need for AI professionals is growing at a rapid rate. Of course, you can choose to hire experts, but since the technology is relatively new, resources are scarce, and it might just increase the cost of development. Above all, it would take effort, time, and perspective to hire the right AI development company. So here is a short guide that will help you identify the skills you are looking for and a roadmap for you to achieve your development goals.

The market needs more AI experts, and hiring someone in-house will be pretty expensive because you’ll have to invest in infrastructure. Hiring an AI developer in the UK can cost you around £ 45 an hour. The cost of hiring an AI developer in the US can go up to $ 70- $ 110 per hour.

The best option we suggest is to go with offshore development. The developers in India are very experienced. You can hire an expert AI developer for less than $ 45, dramatically lowering your development costs. Likewise, you can hire developers from other South Asian companies.

To help you define the proper roadmap for hiring an AI software development company. If this is your first time developing software, keep a few things in mind when hiring an AI software development company. Let’s take a look at these factors before we dive into the skills.

Skills You Should Look For In An AI Software Developer

Before you begin the hiring process, you should familiarize yourself with the technology itself. Your creativity and understanding of solutions define the scope of technology in the implementation of your software products.

Start your research with a quick introduction to AI terminology. The jargon and some unclear technical terms would be a bit confusing. The basic skills of an AI developer are necessary for the development of AI software.

  • Data science skills

AI technology is data-driven, and the first skill set you should look for in an AI software developer is how to manage data and prepare data for analysis. A solid background in statistics is also recommended.

  • Machine learning and deep learning

AI learns from data and continually improves how it works by deepening its understanding through various data points. The machine-learning algorithm allows you to perform specific tasks by generalizing from examples. The algorithm helps you find the right way to solve a problem without clear instructions; it makes prediction easy with data availability. Deep learning is a subfield of machine learning that uses a specific model, a neural network based on the structure of the human brain. It makes artificial intelligence more complex.

  • Python, R, and Java

Proficiency in the programming language is essential. Mastering at least one of the popular AI and data science technologies is a must. In addition, managing a large amount of data and dealing with complex scenarios is necessary.

These are a few basic AI skills that will make assessing the AI ​​development company easier. And you wouldn’t need in-depth knowledge to guide the company on the technical aspects of the project.

How to check the compatibility of the IA Software Development Company with you?

  • Consultation

When you are brand new to the tech world and have no idea how to solve your problems with modern tech solutions, you have to trust the tech experts to guide you through the process.

Speaking of AI technology, the development company should have a straightforward route for you to navigate smoothly during and after development. In addition, their knowledge and expertise would broaden your perspective on the technology and how specific problems can be solved with cost-effective solutions. Consulting is, therefore, an essential part of the development process, and you should not ignore this factor when hiring a company.

  • Services and solutions

If you already know the problem and have a suggested solution, you can start right away by looking for similar services provided by software development companies. Once your project was shared with them, they would give you profiles of available resources, interview them and choose the right service provider.

These are the two main scenarios that you need to run on your own while finding the right solution provider. Then you need to identify other factors such as solution customization, enterprise product development, analytics dashboard, 3 rd party integrations, cloud integration services, development methodologies, and Moreover.

  • Futuristic approach

AI has grown 270% over the past four years. By the end of 2021, 80% of new technologies are expected to be based on artificial intelligence.

At the same time, companies will work with artificial intelligence products and implement solutions based on machine learning. As a result, it will only increase, so you should not overlook the opportunity to gain a first-mover advantage in the market.

Please identify what you want to do with the technology, what data points you wish to collect, how you would collect them, and how you want to implement them based on machine learning. Then, communicate all of these factors to your AI development company. Finally, do you have a plan for quarters and years so that you have the opportunity to partially launch the product and continue to work on product development?

  • Ask for a clear value proposition.

As we saw earlier, implementing any technology shouldn’t be for fun. You need to discuss the return on investment. It is always good to have a clear understanding of how you could benefit from your investment.

Use artificial intelligence, machine learning, big data, and other technologies that can help you improve the efficiency of your solution. So, what difference would these technologies make?

Some products are mostly AI-based, and they cannot exist without the use of technology. Data solutions are a prime example of this type of technological solution. Artificial intelligence can provide you with better search results, suggest improvements, and improve user experience. The AI ​​development company will provide you with solutions to help you achieve your goals at the best and the right speed.

It is always a good idea to keep the development company informed of your expectations of the investment. It is essential to come up with a solution that best meets your goals. Be transparent in your interaction with your AI development company.

  • Cyber ​​security address in the cloud

Cloud integration services give you the scalability you need to help you manage large amounts of data. Even though 90% of companies use cloud services and interest in this technology continues to grow. Some decision-makers are still considering the role of cloud-based solutions—most of the concerns are related to data security.

Essential Skills To Look For In An AI / ML Developer

When interviewing developers, there are specific technical skills that you should look for that would ensure the success of your projects. These cutting-edge technologies have the power to transform the destiny of your product.

ML / AI can help you create modern IT, Fintech, Healthcare, Education, and Transportation solutions. And that’s just the beginning. Companies are increasingly focusing on lasers to extract more value from AI technology. Coming out of the experimentation phase, it will soon go into acceleration mode. It means that software engineers would be ready to take on important roles in the development process.

Here are seven skills to look for in an AI / ML solution provider.

1. Programming language

An expert in machine learning should have experience in the following programming languages. According to GitHub, here are the ten best machine learning languages ​​that are necessary.

  • Python
  • C ++
  • Javascript
  • Java
  • Manuscript
  • Shell
  • VS#
  • Julia
  • R
  • Scala

Although python is a common language among machine learning repositories, some emerging technologies are just as rewarding, such as Scala. When it comes to interacting with big data frameworks, Apache Spark is widely recognized.

2. Data engineering

One of the most important stages in the development of machine learning is the processing and storage of the raw data generated by your system. A business must have the capabilities to extract, transform, and load pipelines that process, cleanse, and store data. Data must be available for departments that are important for sound decision-making. It must also include important analytical tools, predictive tools. Knowledge of data service providers like AWS, Microsoft, etc., is also important.

3. Mathematical and algorithmic knowledge

Look for developers with a certain level of expertise in a wide range of algorithms and applied mathematics. A candidate should have problem-solving and analytical skills. The primary understanding of statistics and probability allows you to understand the problem better and solve it. The foundation of it resides in him.

Software professionals with knowledge of probabilities and statistics allow you to understand different models of AI. These theories help them learn complex algorithms. The prerequisite of programmers would make programmers more efficient. It should enable them to navigate through basic statistical methods and use its model evaluation metric.

4. Efficiency in distributed computing

The ability to manage large data sets helps you process the data through a single machine. And as a result, data distributed across the cluster makes the efficiency of engineers in distributed computing more essential, which sharpens their skills as AI professionals.

5. Good command of Unix tools

Since most of the processing in AI will be done on Linux machines, programmers should be familiar with Unix tools such as awk, grep, Sort, find, cut, tr, etc. In addition, they should be familiar with the functions and how these tools can be used.

6. Expand knowledge of advanced signal processing techniques

One of the more conceptual parts of the technology is the extraction of characteristic features of ML. It requires a developer to solve different problems with advanced signal processing algorithms like wavelets, curvelets, shearlets, contourlets, strips, etc. In addition to this, an AI / ML developer is needed to understand time-frequency analysis for implementing logic. Other important concepts include convolution, Fourier analysis, etc.

7. Creativity

Meanwhile, you may get the impression that ML and AI are all about technology and numbers; it is also a very creative field. Find professionals who focus on solving challenging problems with innovative solutions.

8. Ability to keep abreast of futuristic solutions

AI is in a growth stage, and new developments are happening almost every day. As an AI professional, you should be passionate about learning new things. Therefore, they must keep abreast of the latest technologies and developments in the industry. In addition, they should strive to update their skills and become familiar with advanced development tools, theories, algorithms, etc.


Choosing the right AI development company requires a holistic approach. It would give you the perspective you need to make the best use of the technology. There are several factors you need to take into consideration. First, you need to make it easy to communicate with the business and be open to helping you on your journey.

Plus, developing and implementing solutions is just the start. It will be a long road, and you have to reproduce the same attitude that you have now. There are many factors you need to consider and how you can use one of the most promising technologies to your advantage. Then, with a clear game plan and the right technology partner, you would be able to navigate smoothly.

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