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16 Jul 2021


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Structure your acquisition with HubSpot Marketing

Build a HubSpot content strategy to improve your SEO

Define your topics or content themes

The Google algorithm and its changes are parameters that do not make things evident in terms of SEO. That’s why in 2017, HubSpot introduced a new approach called Topic Clusters.

This method is based on a new way of prioritizing its content since the observation made highlights that the articles on a blog are written independently of each other. As a result, each article has its keywords, but the internal link is non-existent. With the Topic Clusters method, articles reinvent themselves to create semantic relationships between articles, thanks to a triptych vision:

  • The first element: the pillar page (Pillar content)

It should either be a full page of your website or be a long blog post. It will serve as a reference for one of the main themes of your company, so it will have to cover the broad outlines of this one and then redirect to other articles which deepen certain aspects of this subject. Each topic related to the environment of your organization must be the subject of a pillar page.

  • The second element: cluster or satellite articles (Cluster content)

These are the articles that go deeper into the specifics of your pillar content. They must be built with long-tail keywords and must be at least five articles per pillar page.

  • The third element: the internal mesh (hyperlinks)

It corresponds to the binder; that is to say, he will attach the pillar page to its satellite articles using hypertext links. Your pillar page must therefore contain hyperlinks that refer to your various specific articles. Our little advice is to anchor a link on the main keyword of your theme.

Map all of your articles

To see where your current pages fit into your cluster article strategy, use the HubSpot SEO tool. Very handy, it can automatically map your existing web pages to your predefined topic groups.

Create and execute a content plan

The last step that will remain for you after fully understanding how the content strategy is structured is to create a content plan. You will then have to prioritize subjects and schedule their publications from your Hubspot interface.

Remember that weak and shallow content will not generate any results and will not bring you leads. So focus on detailed and rich content that is in line with your themes with consistent recurrence.

Control your advertising ROI with Ads HubSpot

Advertising audiences When you create an advertisement on the Internet, many indicators allow you to monitor its performance and changes.

With the Hubspot tool and having previously synchronized your current ads to the platform, you will be able to identify who is viewing your Facebook, Google, and LinkedIn ads. You will also create audiences based on visitors to your website, HubSpot contacts, or existing audiences. These audiences are automatically updated and can be reused for your future advertising campaigns.

An essential for development: lead generation

Writing the landing page.

Your landing page should allow you to convert as much as possible. So for this to be effective, you need to start by thinking about how to engage with content. The first thing your prospect will read will probably be the headline, so it should be clear and concise to steer towards the final action. Then, detail your offer by giving important and explicit information.

To better understand the offer, images and videos can support your words and help a better conversion.

How to configure your form?

The fields to be filled in must adjust according to the value of the document that the visitor is about to download. In addition, you may have to change certain aspects or more advanced formalities; to do so, you will have to click on the window which allows you to adjust the functionalities of your form. For example, suppose you want to display your contact details after a visitor has completed a form. In that case, you will need to click on the “What should see a visitor after submitting your form” section to configure this criterion.

You have two possible redirection choices after a finalized form filling:

  • A redirect to a thank you page is the most recommended option. To create it with Hubspot, you will need to click on “Redirect to another page.”
  • Hubspot will do a redirection to a confirmation message by clicking on “Display an online message.”

HubSpot allows you to automatically include each converted visitor in your lead nurturing program using the “add to workflow” button. You can then send them free content by email to maintain their interest in you and move them forward in their thought process.

Define your nurturing process

Lead nurturing will allow you to promote your leads to convert them faster and more efficiently. The emails sent will then be scheduled according to different scenarios that you have identified. Here is an overview of the best practices of this strategy:

  • Creation of new content: take the time to take stock of the themes on which you have already written to identify the subjects to be addressed. Then, according to the needs you have placed in terms of content: start writing new articles to nurture your leads.
  • Review your existing content: with the inventory, you will undertake, you will realize that some of your content does not need to be rewritten because it is still relevant, so you should not hesitate to use it.
  • Arouse the interest of your targets: the main interest of lead nurturing is to arouse the curiosity and interest of your prospects in you. To do this, you should not write content for content but focus on the real added value that you will bring them. Ask yourself if what you have written meets their issues and their expectations.

You have several types of leads; each has its own needs, pain points, habits, and budgets, be sure to provide answers to each segment; no one should be forgotten. Beforehand, you must have identified their cogs thanks to the buyer’s persona, who will help you understand who your targets are. Since each criteria and personality require a specific type of content, it is important to know the specifics of each.

In addition to personality, the advancement of a lead in the buying journey influences the choice of content. Indeed, depending on the lead phase, it will be necessary to adapt its content in line with the answers they expect.

Regarding the awareness phase: the prospect is in a phase of reflection; they seek to learn and solve his problem. He must then be educated with relevant information to help him find a solution to his problem.

The consideration phase: the lead has just found several solutions, and your offer is one of them. He is in the process of comparison and seeks to make the best choice; you must then prove to him that you are the best alternative for him.

The decision phase: this final phase corresponds to when the lead has decided on your offer; your previous efforts have therefore paid off. Now all you have to do is show your prospect that he made the right choice and that you are living up to his expectations.

Reduce your tedious tasks; think about automation.

Align your CRM with marketing automation for a virtuous circle

Synchronizing your CRM with a marketing automation tool is a feature that offers many advantages, including the re-engagement of inactive leads. Thereby, you can create targeted campaigns on leads who become inactive to re-initiate a buying process with them. You then fill a shortfall since, very often, without marketing automation, you have no way of knowing what becomes a lead after being contacted by the sales department. But through this, you can also maintain an ongoing relationship with your customers and thus convert them into ambassadors thanks to adapted campaigns. They will then be loyal customers but, above all, representatives of your brand through their social networks and areas of influence.

Sell ​​higher standard ranges or additional offers: several possibilities.

As we have just mentioned with the marketing campaigns to transform customers into ambassadors, this approach also has another aspect to underline. With this type of clientele, it becomes easier to sell them higher range offers or additional products. Indeed, their confidence in you is acquired; it is then much easier to convince them.

For occasional customers, there is another way to increase the average basket. Indeed, you can create cross-selling campaigns via marketing automation. That is to say, offer a complimentary product at the time of the purchase phase to the one that your customer wishes to buy. Similarly, up-selling is a technique that aims to offer a product of the same type as the one your customer is about to buy but of a slightly higher range and therefore more expensive. Thus, the latter might be tempted to take the model above.

Analyze the impact of marketing efforts on business results

Organizing a campaign with HubSpot

Here we will focus on the HubSpot campaign, the interface that will allow you to create an unlimited number of campaigns related to your digital strategy. These inbound marketing-oriented campaigns are an opportunity, thanks to Hubspot, to align all the marketing channels to maximize your results. CTA, landing page, blog article … all these tools will attract leads to an offer.

To configure your goals in HubSpot Campaign, simply click on the “Action” button and then select “Edit goals.” Then you can decide to integrate different types of channels in your campaign; among them, you can choose:

  • Social post
  • Tracking URL
  • Workflow
  • CTA
  • Blog posts
  • Emails
  • Landing pages
Analyze values

After launching your campaign, it’s time to assess its performance and determine which content performed the best and which actions performed the worst. This data will allow you to improve your future campaigns.

In the Hubspot “Campaigns” tab, click on the campaign you want to analyze. By clicking on it, you access a detailed summary of its performance. In this way, you can find out if your previously defined goals have been achieved.

You will then be able to obtain:

  • The number of sessions
  • The number of sessions is the traffic to your website pages, landing pages, blogs, and any pages that contain a HubSpot tracking code.
  • The number of new contacts
  • Thanks to the campaign, the number of visitors who came to your site for the first time.
  • The number of contacts influenced.
  • Influenced contacts correspond to the number of new or existing contacts who interacted with one or more elements of this campaign, for example: read an article on your blog, open an email, click on a CTA, etc.
  • The number of transactions concluded.
  • The number of transactions made by contacts new to or influenced by your campaign.
  • Influenced turnover
  • The total amount of revenue generated by all concluded transactions.

Multiply your business opportunities with HubSpot Sales

Aligning your marketing & sales teams as the basis for sustainable growth

Sales and marketing alignment is a sensitive topic for some companies since the two departments do not work together. Don’t make this mistake but combine the expertise of one with the expertise of the other for better productivity. They must have access to the same databases and work around a common strategy that will increase your company’s performance. But to achieve this ideal functioning, principles must be integrated:

  • Use the SMART technique to understand the objectives better. This tool is based on the acronym Specific, Measurable, Accepted, Realistic, and Temporarily defined. Therefore, this list of adjectives must be taken into account when developing a goal to be as understandable and efficient as possible.
  • Your objectives must be integrated into an action plan that will help you ensure effective monitoring and facilitation. This organization will create a framework to be respected for completing your tasks, so everyone will know what they have to do.
  • We must not forget the main objective, which is the capital increase, so as not to get lost, develop experience feedback. It is an essential lever for good communication within your company.

Define an SLA: Service Level Agreement

An SLA is a contract that explicitly defines what marketing and sales will do to support the company’s business goals. By accepting this agreement, marketers and salespeople agree to all terms, conditions, and parameters, so complete alignment around execution is now contractually agreed upon. In addition, it allows a better understanding of the expectations of each other; you then promote a healthy environment without any hints where communication and transparency take precedence.

The SLA then allows several aspects that we will detail below:

  • It helps provide a general framework for understanding both parties. Often, internal dysfunctions between departments are the source of a cruel lack of communication. This contract then facilitates exchanges and allows everything to be addressed before the start of a campaign.
  • It helps to clarify things and avoid conflicts because now, by the agreement, everything is written in black and white, so it is easier to know what has been achieved or not. Unnecessary procrastination will be ended for greater efficiency.
  • It helps provide a general framework for understanding both parties. This is often the most delicate point during inter-service coordination; the framework will be fixed and clarified thanks to the SLA from now on.
  • It eliminates unrealistic expectations because sometimes some employees can get carried away and imagine that their colleagues will work miracles. The contract will make it possible to specify what each can achieve according to human and material skills.
  • It can be used as a marketing tool by the sales and technical departments of ASPs.

Get off to a good start with HubSpot CRM.

The use of a CRM: for organized management of your data

If you’re not using CRM, we’re putting our hand on the task that you won’t last long without using it. CRM is a customer relationship management tool that centralizes all operations revolving around sales: lead management, conversions, interactions, etc. All of its information is centralized on a dashboard which allows clear and optimal monitoring.

So to better manage your data, which is growing every day, we advise you to store it using a CRM, and if you do not know which supplier to go to, we will always recommend the Hubspot one. And one of the first arguments that we can give you is quite simply that it is free; you can then test it without committing yourself to anything.

To summarize, here are the points to remember that will make CRM an essential tool for your organization:

  • Allows improved sales and marketing performance
  • Enable you to understand better who your prospects and customers are to reorient your offer and marketing better
  • Allows better organization of work teams thanks to better-targeted issues and better-defined expectations
  • Saves time daily thanks to the centralized and intuitive dashboard

HubSpot CRM: an all-in-one marketing tool

Hubspot is not just CRM software; other related software uses CRM as a focal point every time. For example, with Marketing Hub, you will have software dedicated to lead generation and the automation of your marketing campaigns. Hub Sales, meanwhile, will be your reference for managing your emailing campaigns, scheduling appointments, and everything that revolves around transactions to make your job easier. Finally, Hubspot has an offer called Service Hub which will be at your side to manage the customer relationship part, satisfaction surveys, or even query management.

Coming back to Hubspot CRM, here are three strengths that we have noted:

  • Asset number 1: An easy-to-use tool

Sometimes new software can be confusing when you don’t know it, and that can be annoying. But don’t worry because the Hubspot CRM is software designed to be intuitive and ergonomic. The dashboard is very well built to centralize all of your business activities and thus make life easier. Moreover, this dashboard is 100% customizable, which makes the experience even more pleasant.

For those who are more circumspect, educational support is integrated, which allows them to receive advice and thus be assisted in their tasks.

  • Asset number 2: Offers complete visibility into the pipeline

Each company has its business processes, and Hubspot CRM integrates this data by providing optimal and customizable sales pipeline visibility. It gives you the ability to control your business and transactions instantly. This 360-degree vision is an asset in your day-to-day organization: less stress and more control for guaranteed efficiency.

  • Asset number 3: Allows you to record all business activities

Hubspot CRM is based on centralization, and this extends to your mailing management since you can integrate your Gmail or Outlook messaging directly into the platform. The interest is tracking your email sending, which is fundamental data for the work teams.

Even further, this CRM even allows you to record calls and manage your appointments. All of your business processes are then integrated into the software to not miss any opportunities due to a lack of organization.

Build a business prospecting playbook

The playbook is a document that lists all the good practices to be implemented when establishing contact with the customer. In addition, this short guide lists several sales scenarios that will help the salesperson deal with almost any type of situation. Of course, this remains a theoretical tool, but it remains beneficial for good learning of the negotiations.

For the more experienced, this booklet is also an opportunity to give them valuable tips that they had never thought of or allow them to develop specific thoughts. As a business leader, your role is to update this playbook when it is relevant to continuously transmit the proper methods that will ensure the future of your business.

A tool that structures your business process

A playbook also makes it possible to ensure a certain homogeneity in the commercial approaches of your sales force; it makes it possible to set an identical framework for each transaction and thus respect your brand image. You can then use it to evaluate from time to time the techniques used by your salespeople to see if they respect the guideline that you have established.

Boost your network with automation Phantombuster is a tool to try without delay; it allows you to boost your Linkedin network through automation. In detail, this platform provides its users with Bots that collect data from any website. In the case of Linkedin, you can send invitations on a massive scale to targeted profiles, and this automatically.

Work on a sales & qualification process

Efficient lead qualification with the BANT model

BANT, acronym meaning Budget, Authority, Needs, and Timing, is a BtoB lead management process, mainly used to assess the quality of a prospect according to his budget, his authority, his needs, and his deadlines. The sales team mainly uses this method. Let’s find out in more detail these four criteria that form the word BANT:

  • Budget: The value your prospect has placed on your service

While the perfect alignment is between the actual cost of your offer and the budget your prospect is willing to pay, in reality, this is rarely the case. Often their budget is based on the value of which they perceive your product or service, sometimes on the prices of competing offers. Some prospects may also not have the necessary budget. Your sales department will need to know how to identify these different profiles to adapt the sales pitch.

  • Authority: Identify the decision-makers

To avoid unnecessary waste of time, you must know how to recognize the decision-makers within a company. Often, during the exchanges, you do not risk not finding the right person right away; it will then be necessary to manage to communicate with the decision-maker. Knowing who holds the final authority will give you a clear view of the decision-making process among your potential clients. This information will help you better manage your business efforts.

  • The Need: What the prospect needs to solve their problems and challenges

Take care to discuss their blocking points with your prospects because sometimes, those you will have identified will be different from their perception. Taking this time means analyzing and understanding the challenges you will have to face with your prospects to facilitate the sale. You have to bring fluidity and simplicity to establish the best possible sales strategy.

  • The Deadlines (Timeline): just a matter of timing

Sometimes you think the right time has come because your prospect has the proper budget and is ready to validate your offer, but the vagaries of life mean that the date of the appointment for the signing is not suitable. And the date is important in the BANT process because it is true that a prospect having a date of appointment fixed too prematurely could make him feel that he has the knife in the throat and that he does not have the time to think. But, conversely, an appointment set too late is a risk that your prospect will retract or forget you.

Meet the needs of your prospects with the GPCT model

We have just presented to you the BANT method, which allows an essential and traditional commercial qualification, but now, in the digital age, a new tool has emerged. It’s called GPCT, and this new model developed by Hubspot offers a more detailed and in-depth view of lead quality. Its four letters represent the English words Goals, Plans, Challenges, and Timeline; we will detail them below.

  • Goals / Objectives

The objectives must be quantifiable and must correspond to the expectations of the prospects. In the business sphere, here are the three main motivations linked to the purchase of a product:

  • earn more money, save it, or limit the risk of losing it
  • increase its performance, processes, and efficiency
  • comply with new standards, a legislative framework, or a standard

However, it is common to notice that companies find it challenging to define their objectives clearly. Hence, you have to know how to adapt and help them arrive at good identifications. It will then be easier for you to present your offer to them as the solution to their expectations.

  • Plans / Action plans

After completing the goal-setting stage for your prospects, an action plan must be established to determine how to achieve these goals. It will make it possible to identify what has worked and what has worked less in the past, so it is an opportunity to suggest avenues for improvement.

  • Challenges / Challenges

Meeting challenges is the DNA of a salesperson; with prospects, they are faced with a multitude of obstacles, and they must find resources to reinforce them. This third point then raises how salespeople must make prospects aware that they are at a dead-end and must solve their problems with your business.

  • Timeline / Deadlines

This aspect is close to the vision of the BANT method since it integrates the notion of time. Here, the reflection is in the notion of delay, which is reflected by several questions that the salesperson must integrate:

  • When should the prospect reach the goal he has set for himself?
  • When will he be able to put his action plan in place?
  • How quickly does he have to meet this challenge?
  • When will the action plan be put in place?

Analyze and manage, gain height in your business

Dashboards to measure your commercial efficiency

Watch over your transactions.

Hubspot Sales offers sales pipeline management that will give you complete visibility into your business. The dashboard is modular and customizable, so you can monitor your business daily according to the criteria that interest you. Sales quotas, monthly trends, overall health, so many elements that you can quickly identify with the implementation of the software.

This better shot is interesting because it allows you to quickly identify where your weaknesses are so that you can react. Your teams will then always be on the alert to readjust their sales or marketing efforts.

Allow your teams to have a snapshot of their portfolio transactions

Salespeople like to control their objectives, and allowing them to instantly visualize their results is a real asset that will boost their motivation. Here’s a look at the Business Performance Widget, which has five metrics:

  • Contacts created: to know the total number of new contacts established by a sales representative during a period that you can determine.
  • Assigned contacts: to find out the total number of contacts that have been assigned to a sales representative during a period that you can determine.
  • Contacts worked: like the last two criteria, here it is to know the total number of contacts that a commercial engagement has contracted during a period that you can determine.
  • New Transactions Created: To determine the total number of transactions created during a period that you can determine. •
  • Closed Transactions: Last overview, to know the total number of transactions marked as closed and won during a period that you can determine.

Track the progress of your teams and set goals for them

With software like Hubspot, tracking sales teams has never been easier. However, thanks to the “Productivity reports” feature present in Hubspot Sales, you will have access to a whole swarm of indicators on the commercial performance of the sales forces.

This instant and intuitive access is an opportunity for you to control the work done by your employees to see if there is a performance delay quickly. But above all, it is an opportunity to make this follow-up fun and stimulating for your team’s thanks to the setting of objectives. Of course, it will be necessary to ensure that this competition is healthy and that the commercial objectives are relevant, so it will be required to use the SMART method and be based on the concrete to define them. Goals are always a way to motivate salespeople to surpass themselves and reach their numbers; viewing their transactions and results via a dashboard is all the more motivating.

Observe their productivity

With the analytics tools, you will be able to observe the productivity of your sales team day after day based on their transactions, meetings, calls, tasks, or even their emails. All of their actions are archived in the software, and you will be able to view:

  • A transactions graph: allows you to display the number of transactions carried out over a given period, estimate the amount won, know the average number of sales, etc.
  • A table of transactions: will give you access to the details of the transactions of the chosen team or salesperson.
  • A meeting analysis: you can then have access to several tools to know which and how many meetings each salesperson has participated in.
  • Call and email analysis: just like meetings, this function will allow you to know your team’s productivity regarding calling and emailing.
  • A task analysis: this last function will give you visibility on the accomplished tasks of your teams but also the distribution of tasks.

Track your business performance

Track the qualification of your contacts and transactions

Simple, fast, efficient, access all information on your leads thanks to a logbook. It brings together all the interactions of your prospects and customers: from open emails to downloaded content; everything is listed for a complete and global overview.

Make your contacts your priority.

Track the lifecycle of your contacts

Thanks to Hubspot Sales, you will be able to organize and bring together all the information and interactions of your contacts in a single database. In addition, this will allow you to create segmented lists to assign a score to your leads according to their level of maturity.

This process is called lead scoring, and it allows for better handling of prospects by the sales department. Each score indicates a level of maturity; ultimately, these segments must be used to feed prospects through targeted content according to their progress in the conversion funnel. Of course, this technique will have to be done with the help of marketing automation; your role will then be to design these campaigns according to different scenarios to bring your prospects to maturity.

Learn more about your prospects

HubSpot Sales is also the easiest way to find out who is interested in your products and services without even having to ask a question. You will find out who is viewing your website, how often, and which pages are the most popular instantly. This data set is just a click away; by selecting the prospect that interests you, you will find a history of all their interactions with your company.

And learning more about your prospects means knowing how to identify your weaknesses better and optimize your marketing efforts to raise the bar. In the future, it is also a way to know which offer is most in line with the behaviour of your leads and to determine which sales pitches are the most relevant.

Retain your customers

Thanks to the follow-up of prospects and your customers, you no longer lose control of them; rare are the contacts who escape the cracks of your net. Moreover, this permanent monitoring of their actions allows you to deploy loyalty strategies articulated in the same way as those of lead nurturing. You will be able to define, using marketing automation always, email sending that will keep a link and maintain the interest that your customer had in you.

Make your customers brand ambassadors with HubSpot service.

Develop structured customer service with Aircall

Improve the collaboration of your teams

Promote collaboration between your teams for the better internal functioning

Harmonization of your work teams will boost the efficiency and productivity of your operations. To initiate this change, tools exist, and they will help create inter-service links and promote this collaboration. That is why we will tell you about Aircall, a software that integrates with Hubspot and allows sales and marketing teams to manage call flows from the Hubspot interface.

Better call handling for the more accessible and optimized organization of services.

The sharing of contacts between employees allows immediate identification of interlocutors. This will enable you to jump straight to the professional discussion and save some time. To transfer a call to a teammate, it is recommended on the one hand to ask for his agreement, and on the other to explain the content of the call: the identity of the interlocutor, the reason for the call, etc. calls to be made in a list and then organize their treatment among the workforce. Each treatment carried out must be mentioned. This increases the efficiency of teamwork and increases solidarity between colleagues.

Improve productivity and automate the follow-up of phone calls

Thanks to the automation of telephone calls, many advantages are now offered to work for teams. First of all, it becomes easier for them to communicate with customers and manage their queries since the interface is designed never to change screens. The speed of execution is then accelerated, and efficiency is improved, which will motivate them.

Some options, such as Click-to-dial, are features that offer even more facilitation. For example, with this one, the task for the calls is optimized since, in a few clicks, a call can be made. 

There are also among the options of Aircall:

  • Call forwarding which ensures an almost assured response to callers.
  • Search filters guide teams to find and quickly find the information necessary for the proper execution of their tasks.
  • Tags that make it easier to find calls within your lists by grouping them.
  • PowerDialer: a tool that allows you to make successive calls quickly, schedule calls, identify numbers, and save them in Aircall.

The art of enchanting your customers

Be reachable with HubSpot support bots.

The HubSpot Support Bot: instant responses and support tickets

Having become essential in a few years, Bot chats can be found on many e-commerce sites. And Hubspot, in its capacity as marketing software, gives us the possibility of setting one upon its site. The proposed Bot makes it possible to provide visitors with the answers to the questions they ask themselves in just a few seconds. If they want, they can also create a support ticket sent to the right person for the case.

Created to support customer or after-sales service by providing automatic responses

The main advantage is to support the after-sales service of your organization because it can quickly become saturated and, as a result, see its response times extended.

With the Bot’s automated responses, you skim the responses sent directly to your customer service, and therefore, you ensure them the best conditions. So much more than being a simple asset for your teams, it is a tool that kills two birds with one stone since it offers rapid response times that your visitors highly appreciate.

Achieve your marketing objectives thanks to a more homogeneous and simplified visitor/customer experience

Thanks to better handling of user issues via the Bot and support tickets, your prospects will be satisfied visitors. It saves time for them and a successful experience on your website; it means that you drastically increase your chances of conversion. Setting up a tool like this can then help you achieve your marketing goals.

Educate your customers with the Knowledge Base tool

Give your customers access to self-service information: create an article library.

With the Knowledge Base tool, you can create a knowledge base based on frequently asked questions. Thus, you will organize the different questions by theme and write an appropriate response for each issue.

Answer the most frequently asked technical questions.

Answering the same questions several times a day or a week is an absolute waste of time and money. To overcome this problem, the Knowledge Base tool is a very effective means of informing its customers or prospects within clicks. They will then have the information instantly and independently on your side; this will allow you to filter a significant number of requests.

Measure the satisfaction of your customers and react quickly

The creation of a satisfaction survey

If several options are possible to measure the satisfaction of your customers, the satisfaction survey is a safe bet. It can take different forms; here are the three most used:

  • The Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT):

This method invites customers to rate their satisfaction with your business on a linear scale. The ideal is to get the rating on the spot within fifteen minutes of an interaction between the customer and your ecosystem.

  • The Customer Effort Score (CES):

Here, the satisfaction assessment is based on the customer’s perception of his experience and, in particular, whether it was fluid. It is measured by asking a question to the user; he then chooses between 4 or 5 answers which are symbolized by gradual adjectives. Here is an example for better understanding:

  • The recommendation rate (NPS):

The latter method is based on a question to be answered by the customer on a scale of 0-10. For example, one of the most common questions is “Would you recommend our company/product to a friend?”. “

By this technique, you measure the level of satisfaction and the loyalty of your customers. You will then obtain an overall score that will have to be segmented for the relevance of the responses. This segmentation will be done in three categories: detractors, passives, and promoters.

While these three methods are the most common, this presentation is not necessarily exhaustive, so find the method that best suits you and your needs.

Find the right time to broadcast your survey.

As the return rates are low during a campaign like this, it is important to optimize all the factors inherent in the process to obtain the possible results and the relevance of the responses. Therefore, finding the right time to trigger a query request is significant. Therefore, the recommendations are to conduct a survey seven days after registration, then thirty days after the first survey, and finally, we recommend every ninety days of the customer lifecycle.

Analyze your collected data

The data you collect during your satisfaction campaign must be analyzed. Depending on the method you choose, the analysis techniques will not be the same, but overall, most of the tools will allow you to create customer segmentation. With HubSpot, you can integrate the survey tool of your choice into your platform to trigger automated emails based on satisfaction scores.

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