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Flutter and React Native Development are two popular names in the mobile app development industry. Building cross-platform application is a need of the time as none want to incest much money and time on mere app development. iPhones, Android phones, and many such platforms have urged for cross-platform development.

The advent of flutter app development has served as a great opportunity for cross-platform development. Developers were compelled to develop the native apps by using Java for Android and Swift for iOS. Flutter and React Native are the two popular frameworks, which are easing the job of developers and attracting the audience. Depending upon the nature of the business, both frameworks are powerful and useful. But, somehow, it becomes an ongoing query about whether to select React Native or flutter app development company for app development. An unbiased evaluation of both frameworks leads to a befitting selection.   

From similarities to uniqueness, everything will be discussed here.  


Google introduced Flutter as an open-source SDK that develops quality applications for different platforms (e.g. iOS and Android) with a single codebase. Flutter Application Development belongs to a portable UI toolkit that builds natively-compiled mobile applications. It was officially released in December 2018. Flutter is based on Dart language and it also includes a captivating graphics library. Here are a few features of the platform

  • Hot Reload is possible and this feature offers faster app development
  • The native performance of the application is superb with Flutter Application Development. An experienced Flutter Development Company like WebOccult adopts the best-utilization of its fully customized environment. More performance information can be gathered by visiting the website.
  • Design-specific widgets are available for easy development.

Popular Apps with Flutter  

  • Google Ads
  • eBay
  • Alibaba
  • BMW
  • Tencent

Pros and Cons of Flutter

  • Hot Reload feature of Flutter App Development helps the changes to reflect immediately.
  • Since there is no need for re-writing code, developers can easily integrate with Java and Swift for Android and iOS respectively.
  • Codes can be shared across the platforms, promptly. This further makes it perfect for MVP development. 
  • The user interface is good with vector graphics and animation support but may create some issues.
  • The library is quite impressive but when it comes to comparing with React Native, it seems less

Flutter mobile app development is much about cross-platform development. Still, it is not compatible to develop applications for watchOS, CarPlay, tvOS, or Android Auto.


Image Source: Futter Pros & Cons

React Native 

React native framework shows great compatibility with web and mobile applications. Any react native developer chooses this framework as it renders the best combination of cross-platform and React Native capabilities. React Native was developed by Facebook Inc in the year 2015 and it got the 2nd position in popularity among mobile app developers.

Here are a few features of the platform –

  • The framework is modular and intuitive. This increases the flexibility of development as developers can easily transfer it from one to another.
  • React Native was mainly driven by the needs of the developers‘ community. 
  • React Native is focused on UI design and it has a great responsive ability.
  • This is one of the most trusted frameworks. Facebook uses it for all mobile applications and this is enough to render the trust level.

Popular Apps with React Native  

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Walmart
  • Bloomberg
  • SoundCloud

Pros and Cons of React Native

  • The high performance of React native is offered by mimicking authentic UI elements.
  • React Native provides intelligent debugging tools and ultimate error reporting.
  • It doesn’t need HTML or CSS markup. React Native uses the host platform.
  • Sometimes, the native rendering of APIs doesn’t support certain native UI elements.
  • React Native doesn’t support parallel threading and multi-processing. This ultimately results in slow performance.
  • Developers may use third-party libraries for better implementation of tasks and performance.

Is Flutter Better than React?

This is the time to answer the question. One notable point is that React Native Development has been around for many years. Several people are aware of its performance; popularity and performance are tremendously great. React Native has secured the rank with 62.5% popularity among the most loved frameworks for app development. On the other hand, Flutter is much newer to the mobile app industry. Google has introduced it in 2018 and it gradually receives popularity. People and developers are getting friendly with Flutter Mobile App Development, more than React native, somehow. Flutter has ranked higher with 75.4%. 

You can get an idea of popularity by keeping this ranking in mind. Though both the frameworks are usable and popular, a major number of businesses prefer to hire flutter app developers. Flutter is trending and the credit goes to its ultimate performance.

React Native Developer creates an interactive mobile application for the audience by using the Javascript bridge. This helps to communicate with the native modules that ultimately results in poor performance of the application. On the flip side, the Flutter engine includes most of the native components in its framework. It doesn’t need to use a JavaScript bridge to interact with native components, instead, it includes Dart code. Dart code eliminates the usage of JavaScript Bridge and it helps to get compiled to native machine code. This further improves the overall performance of the application in comparison to React Native. The apparent winner is Flutter and thus, Weboccult is getting popular as a preferred Flutter Development Company of the industry. 

Final Words 

Since flutter is trending, most of the business owners hire flutter app developers instead of react native. Flutter doesn’t require a bridge to communicate and Flutter performs efficiently even at 60 FPS. If you are looking for an efficient flutter app development company, WebOccult is an obvious name. We deliver the performance with the reliability of Flutter’s layered architecture. If you want to explore more, we are just a click away.

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