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Intelligent chatbots to powerful algorithms to scrupulous recommendation engines, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) have been instrumental in creating the most sophisticated and useful digital solutions. WebOccult is Ahmedabad, India based AI development company developing future-ready tech solutions powered by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

We Help Companies Focus On Their Core Business And Create Value Through Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) technologies have been game-changer for digital solutions and platforms across all niches. From gathering data-driven insights to facilitate relevant interactions based on user intent, from recognizing user behaviour patterns to deciphering natural language communication, both AI and ML offer groundbreaking technologies for modern software applications and digital platforms.

With advancing technology, we are into the age where raw data is so much and the Desire for a system that does computing intelligently, Artificial Intelligence has a very bright future in all the major sectors like Financial Services, Government, Health Care, Military, Transportation and Oil & Gas. On the other hand, Machine Learning is a part of AI, it’s a necessity is a vital factor as advanced systems constantly need an algorithm that self evolves based on patterns and gives output wisely. We relentlessly research and work on solutions that make life easier.

What We Provide In Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Development Services?

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Machine Learning

Machine Learning (ML), a subset of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology is used by WebOccult to create most powerful algorithms, recommendation engines and for data driven customer research.
computer vision

Computer Vision

Having years of experience building hardware and software for embedded systems, our team at Weboccult technologies helps business in the manufacturing, healthcare, and consumer electronics industries build custom video and image analysis software for computer vision and machine vision systems.
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Chatbot Development

At WebOccult, we develop intelligent AI powered chatbots to ensure addressing customer queries and for guiding customers with personalised data driven inputs,
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Natural Language Processing

We use Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology for deciphering user inputs in different vernacular and spoken languages and drawing insights from them.
Data Science & Research

Data Science & Research

Our AI/ML Development services include data processing, building predictive models, and turning these into actionable information.

Image Processing

At WebOccult, we use intelligent image processing techniques to detect anomalies, decipher patterns and draw data driven insights based upon image analysis.
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Voice-based AI

WebOccult is a leading name in developing powerful voice search and voice command interfaces powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI).
Technological Roadmap on AI/ML

Technological Roadmap on AI/ML

We help you throughout the process till your expectations get contented no matter the level of AI implementation. Our AI team build a roadmap that evaluates all your midway stuck due to hurdles.
Competitive SEO Analysis

AI Consulting & Integration Services

We at WebOccult offer comprehensive AI consulting and integration services for businesses across all niches and help businesses make the most out of these path breaking technologies.

Tools/Frameworks Used For AI Software Development


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Why Choose WebOccult For Your Artificial Intelligence Software Development Projects?

Unparalleled quality

Dedicated AI/ML Expert

WebOccult boasts of a dedicated team of AI/ML experts having years of front line experience and portfolio of most sophisticated AI/ML solutions created for diverse business niches.
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Robotic Process Automation

We ensure intelligent robotic process automation to do away with process silos and resulting delays while building sophisticated AI/ML solutions.
Easy integrations

AI Consulting & Integration Services

As a leading AI ML development company, we help companies to upgrade an existing system or enrich the functionality of a cross-platform interface application.


What are the business advantages of AI application development services?
Business advantages of AI application development services are as follows:
  • Streamline Supply Chain Management
  • Intelligent Data Analytics
  • Automating Marketing Techniques
  • Predictive Analysis for various industries
Which Artificial Intelligence tools do you use for AI application development?
We use various AI tools for building Artificial Intelligence software applications. Following is the list of tools that our AI development team uses to develop AI software applications:
  • PyTorch
  • Chainer
  • Theano
  • Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit
  • Core ML
  • OpenNN
  • Tensorflow
  • CNN
  • Bayesian networks
Do you sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement?
Yes, we sign a NDA with all our clients. We assure our clients that we will take all preventive measures to protect their idea and other confidential details.
What does an AI Consultant do?
Our AI consultants help you to figure out complex business challenges using AI and analytic algorithms. At Weboccult, We adopt structured decision-making models to execute projects. Starting from an AI strategy roadmap to developing a scalable AI solution and production-grade AI deployment, our AI consulting team will help you at every step of AI project execution.
Do you have flexible hiring models?
Yes, we provide diverse options such as fixed, hourly, dedicated, and on-site team hiring models for client convenience. We will be offering the best-suited client based on their Ruby on Rails development requirements.
How do you apportion resources for the artificial intelligence software development process?
Based on the client app idea and the hiring model they select, we will allocate the fit-suited artificial intelligence developers for hire.
Will I be getting any support after my project completion?
Yes, you will be getting 3-months of technical support from our end after delivering the project to you.

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