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3Years in Flutter Development

For those of you who intend to get a superior quality app that not just keeps the downloads ringing but retain installations as well, you cannot ignore the potential of Flutter. An open-source mobile development kit from Google, Flutter is a framework that allows for the simpler development of native apps for Android and iOS.

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Within just 3 years of its launch, Flutter managed to make it as one of the top 10 software applications. Flutter has powered some of the most influential and popular apps in the market including Xianyu – the app developed by Alibaba which now has over 50mn users.

At WebOccult, we have been quick and competent in joining the Flutter bandwagon, handpicking some of the best developers in the market. We consistently hire Flutter app developers who know the software through in and out. They can not only develop a premium app based on your business needs but suggest the best possible versions of your final product as well.

We’re keen to discuss your project and get a super-interesting app developed using Flutter for your visions.

What We Provide In Flutter App Development?

WooCommerce App Development

Development of Custom Flutter Applications

From PoCs to full-fledged enterprise apps, we offer Flutter app development services for iOS and Android apps.
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UI / UX Design for Flutter Apps

With Cupertino (iOS) and Material Design (Android), we create responsive Android / iOS apps with a graphic user interface and fast loading.
Integration of AI and ML with Flutter applications

Integration Of AI And ML With Flutter Applications

We infuse the power of AI and ML into Flutter development to add intelligence to applications to simplify human-machine interactions.
Easy integrations

Third-Party API Integration

We develop and integrate server-side APIs for cross-platform mobile applications according to customized business requirements.
Uncompromising testing

Application Testing And Debugging

Thorough checking and recording are done regularly to ensure that the coding is efficient and bug-free that meets customer expectations.
Experienced Developers

Application Maintenance And Support

We provide a contract system and support services to make Flutter applications up and run at all times with full responsiveness.

Key Attributes Of Our Flutter Development

It allows you to save on expenses as it supports cross-platform development.
Flutter offers unparalleled performance for developers.
Because it has its own widgets, developers need not access OEMs.
The Hot Reload feature that allows changes to be immediately visible has allowed developers to quickly launch apps.
Flutter is highly compatible with different versions of diverse operating systems.
It’s an open source.

Why Choose WebOccult For Flutter development?

Powerful Marketing Tools

On-Time Delivery

We have an agile modus operandi in place that allows us to deliver a project in a short period of time.
Experienced Developers

Industry Best Developers

Our Flutter developers are handpicked and are the best in the industry.
At WebOccult we give extreme importance to custom design and development attributes to deliver an engaging user experience and we use the visual development framework of WebFlow to achieve maximum customisation.

Future-Ready Development

We blend innovation, experience and domain knowledge to develop applications that users look for in the market.
Easy integrations

Latest Technology

We are consistently at par with the updating technology and take constant measures to leverage the best of technology for the development of your app.
Easy Payment

Competitive Pricing

Weboccult offer an ideal combination of cost-effective price with best quality to make sure the lowest pricing in our segment.
Powerful Marketing Tools

Agile Procedure

At Weboccult, We working on the Agile methodology and conduct frequent scrum events for optimizing the practices and methods and delivering the quality results.

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Can I migrate my current app into Flutter?
You can! We have a skillful and qualified team of flutter developers who can help you migrate your current app into a flutter to create excellent native apps in record time.
What is the operating system supported by Flutter?
Flutter is an open-source platform and supports major operating systems like Linux, Mac, Windows, Android, and iOS. If you have any doubts regarding the flutter platform, you get in touch with our expert at [email protected], and our flutter experts would love to help you with your concern.
What kind of apps can build with Flutter?
In Flutter, you can create all kinds of apps implementing new hardware and software functionalities like camera, geolocation, 3rd party SDKs, storage, and many more. Moreover, you can develop 2D Mobile apps that can run on both Android & iOS platforms.
Is Flutter counted as a start-up-friendly development platform?
Yes, Flutter is a start-up-friendly development platform because there is no need to build Android and iOS apps separately. Instead, it requires a single code base, making it easy for developers to create applications with developer-friendly features.
How much does it cost to develop an application in Flutter?
It entirely depends on the specific features you need or planning to implement in the application. However, Flutter lets you craft beautiful and natively compiled applications in record time in comparing other frameworks. Thus, it helps to save time as well as money.
How much time does it take to develop an application using Flutter?
Flutter supports a single codebase approach, which allows developers to run a single code on both platforms, which saves time and makes developing a Flutter application faster than other platforms.
What Apps Are Made in Flutter?
Reflectly, Google Pay, Google’s Stadia app, realtor.com, Google Assistant, Square, Sonos are some of the popular apps built with Flutter.
How To Run A Flutter App In VS Code?
You can use Flutter and Dart plugins to run Flutter apps. You would also require to create a launch.json file to run Flutter app in vs code.
Can I Develop An iOS App On Windows Using Flutter?
Yes, you can develop. Flutter is a cross-platform UI framework by Google for creating fast, modern, and portable apps for any platform, including Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, macOS, and desktop.

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