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Create A Food Ordering App Like Uber Eats

Scale your food business by reaping the benefits of digitalization. As you already know, nowadays, there is a craze for mobility. Mobility can give you many different ideas to make your food brand, increase your sales, retain your customers, and much more…

Why Do You Need An Online Food Ordering App?

In busy life, people hardly have time to go to restaurants, but the restaurant industry is booming. How? ‘Or’ What?

By understanding the changing psychology of customers and taking advantage of emerging technologies, restaurants have emerged with apps that deliver food to the customer’s door at the perfect time. So from the user’s perspective, without getting ready, dressing, or leaving the comfort of home, consumers can have the same mouthwatering restaurant food at home. Their love of fast service, therefore, lasts longer.

A mobile application can include a full set of features and additional capabilities to expand the breadth of a restaurant’s potential. This tool provides the restaurateur with a wide range of benefits. Below is a list of the main benefits for restaurants, cafes, restaurant chains, bars, and clubs:

Instant Communication

A well-thought-out and well-designed restaurant app will undoubtedly find its place in your customers' smartphones. Making your restaurant accessible to users of mobile devices is a useful recipe for lasting cooperation and constant communication with customers and partners. One can intensify the process with the help of built-in features such as One Touch Calling.

Customer Loyalty

Allowing customers to "carry your business in their pocket" wherever they are, educate them and provide them with a positive user experience - these are the elements of a good strategy that will keep them coming back. A mobile application for your restaurant is one of the marketing tools that will help increase customer loyalty and attract new consumers.

Navigation for Your Potential Customers

With mobile geolocation apps, you can help customers find your restaurant in a specified location and provide directions with GPS. So, location-based marketing technology is used to promote a certain restaurant and get your customers there as long as they are mobile.

Whole Menu at the Fingertips of Mobile Users

Be prepared to share your restaurant menu with the world. By integrating the full menu into a mobile application, the restaurateur will present the restaurant's entire range of dishes and drinks in the best possible way. Let your customers reserve a table or order the meal remotely using their portable devices.

Sending Notifications

Organize the automatic notifications to customers in your base, providing them with information on special offers and upcoming events. In addition, small informational messages posted to your mobile app will remind you of your restaurant and improve customer service.

Special Offers & Coupons

Use your restaurant app to distribute discount coupons among regular visitors to ensure seats are taken and customer visits are frequent. No doubt, mobile coupons will intensify the growth of your online business by grabbing the attention of mobile users.

Mobile Search

Mobile search is another way to find your restaurant. Multiple studies show that when customers find out your restaurant doesn't have a mobile app, at least 40% prefer to choose your competitor's mobile service. In addition, according to a recent study by ComScore, half of the mobile searches are done with local intent.

Informative Value of Your Restaurant

Increase the popularity of your restaurant by providing customers with useful information about your restaurant's special dishes, the usefulness of spices or herbs, and the ingredients used during preparation. Now, clients prefer to deal with real experts in their profession and choose unique proposals.

Modern Cookbook

Your business will take it to a new, higher level if you are ready to give your customers more than they can hope for. Whether they are general recommendations for preparing a delicious meal or unique recipes from your chef, share them with your regular customers via a mobile app.

Do you want to create Food Ordering Mobile App Like UberEats?

What We Provide in Food Ordering App Development?

Weboccult Technologies offers all kinds of application development solutions for food delivery. Our programming experts with experience in the restaurant industry will create your application for iPhone and Android.

Here are some of the most important functions of the system:

For Users

- Registration
Users can register with the platform through their email address, phone number, or social media credentials.
- Browse restaurants
Using an advanced search utility, users can discover various restaurants and sort them based on multiple filter elements, including location, price, cuisine, etc.
- Add to Cart
All food items can be effortlessly added to the cart and go to checkout in the blink of an eye.
- Order confirmation
Users can pay by any available payment methods, confirm their order, and receive it at their doorstep.

For Admin

- Receive an order request
As soon as a user places their order, all the specific order details are available to the administrator.
- Check the Order
The administration sends the order request to the restaurant manager concerned, and if the latter accepts the order, the administration instantly reconfirms the delivery request.
- Packaging / Shipping
The order is processed, prepared, packaged, and made available for collection by the designated delivery agent.
- Order confirmation
Users can pay by any available payment methods, confirm their order, and receive it at their doorstep.

For Delivery Executive

- Delivery Request Notification
The delivery manager closest to the pickup location is responsible for delivering the food product to the respective users.
- Restaurant Visit for Pickup
The delivery driver then picks up the packaged order, who then travels to the location to respond to the food delivery request.
- Delivery
The affected user is informed of the delivery by changing the delivery status to “Out for delivery”, with an accurate ETA report.
- Order Delivered
Users are offered dishes ordered and are invited to give their opinion on the delivery service as a whole.

What Makes Our
Food Delivery Solution Unique?

Mobile / Web Applications

Users can place their food orders from your app installed on their mobile device or computer system. This allows you to reach a large part of your audience.

Home Delivery

Users can place their food orders and choose to have them delivered to their homes through this option. In addition, they can indicate their delivery locations for the same.

Single Store Delivery

Here your app can be used exclusively for ordering food in a restaurant or restaurant chain. For delivery, you can employ your delivery force or collaborators.

Delivery to Multiple Stores

In this option, your application can serve as a marketplace to connect multiple restaurants with end-users. Drivers in concert handle delivery to ensure efficient delivery.

Pick Up / Take Away

Users can either opt for home delivery of their food orders or pick up their orders themselves with the “take out” option.

GPS Tracking

Once food orders are ready for delivery, users can track the delivery managers who carry their orders until they reach their respective delivery locations.

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