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Development of Mobile & Web Applications for Your Business

We use the best of existing technologies without compromising between reliable and proven development methodologies, which guarantee you efficient, robust, and scalable solutions. Five years of experience and more than 85 applications developed are proof of this.

Business Success with Mobile Application

Mobile apps are no longer an optional investment; instead, they’re needed to connect with your customers in real-time. Sectors like retail, hospitality, transportation, and banking invest heavily to increase customer engagement, branding,, and direct marketing through mobile apps. However, It essentials to choosing your mobile app development company wisely.

Weboccult Technologies is a one-stop Mobile Application Development Services provider. We make sure you reach your niche market for improved growth and sales. We have helped many clients convert their ideas into top-notch mobile apps used by users around the world. We have dedicated mobile developers for native and hybrid platforms like Android, iOS, and Ionic.

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Why Choose Weboccult for Mobile Development

Intuitive Application

We develop fast applications with accessible and user-friendly interfaces so that the user experience of your customers is the best possible.

Quality Code

Our mobile app developers use robust technologies to develop a strong and efficient application.

Eye-catching Design

Our design and marketing experts work closely with our developers to develop an application that will appeal to your customers.

Effective Approach

We use the SCRUM project management method. It ensures close collaboration with you via numerous validation steps to develop the ideal product.

Cross-Platform Application Development

native application

Native application development

Weboccult is a leader in high-quality, efficient, and high-performing native application development services.
Android application development

Android Application Development

Hire our expert android mobile app developers to build high quality and robust Android mobile apps
IOS application development

IOS Application Development

Development of native iOS apps that work on the full range of Apple devices, including iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch.

How Do We Create Your
Mobile Application?

We use agile methodologies to tailor each application to our customers in a personalized way. We create applications in 3 phases:

Prototype Design
Prototype design allows the app to get tested before spending valuable development time and resources to create the actual product.
Specification of Features
We are preparing a technical document to specify all the features included in the application.
Application Development
once the design and functions of the application have been confirmed, our engineers will develop the internal part, the external connections, the administration panels, and the functions of your application.

Application Design by Sector

fintech app

Fintech Apps

geo location

Travel Apps

social media

App Stores

Delivery Applications

Delivery Apps

Event applications

Event Apps


eLearning Apps

Social Networking Apps

Social Networking Apps

travel app

Travel Apps

Here are the technologies and programming languages ​​
our team of mobile app designers work with:

– Swift and Objective-C: native iOS development languages ​​(Apple)

– Java: Android native development language

– Xamarin: cross-platform mobile developer (iOS, Android and Windows)

– Cordova: hybrid mobile application developer (accessible on the web and for native applications)

– React Native: library allowing the development of native applications

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What is the necessary budget for a mobile application?
Generally, suppose you include the back office and the mobile application (Android and iOS) with a few screens and a quality design. In that case, your application will cost at least € 20,000, excluding VAT.
Web, hybrid, native mobile application, What's the difference?
There are several types of applications: native, hybrid, and web. They each have their specificities.The native applications are applications that you download and install on your smartphone. They are developed for a specific operating system, Android or IOS. Therefore, they require further software developments ​​for each design: Java and Kotlin for Android and Objectif-C and Swift for IOS. This individual development results in a robust and efficient mobile application.Web applications are approximately the mobile version of a website. These applications do not download and install on your smartphone, and you access them from a browser. The downside to this type of mobile app is that it requires a connection to work. But, the main advantage is that it is compatible with Android and IOS with one code; it saves time and money.
The hybrid applications are a mix of native and web applications. They only require a single code to be compatible with IOS and Android-like web applications, but they are downloaded and installed on your smartphone like native applications. Hybrid apps were initially less efficient than native apps, but today, technologies like Flutter and React Native can compete.Our mobile application development agency offers all three solutions. To choose the one best suited to your project, we advise you to contact us to discuss it.
How long does the development of a mobile application take?
It's difficult to give a precise answer because each mobile application is unique and requires a different development time. Usually, in our mobile application agency, we allow 3 to 6 months between the start and the end of the project. It all depends on the complexity of your application and the number of screens.

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