VueJS Development

Vue JS Development

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VueJS is one of the leading JavaScript frameworks widely known for its low footprint size and lean performance focused development approach. WebOccult is a leading VueJS development company with years of experience and exposure across multitude of successful app projects based on this framework.

We Develop Your Web App In VueJS

VueJS is the most lightweight and lean framework equipped to develop truly engaging and high-performance apps with sophisticated interfaces. At WebOccult, we provide advanced VueJS development services to build sophisticated, richly featured, high-performance web apps.

VueJS aims to facilitate the creation of dynamic web applications through the creation of components. Like Angular and ReactJS, VueJS integrates seamlessly and easily with other technologies, CMS and frameworks. For example, the site of Laravel, Laracasts, IBM, Celtra use VueJS for part of their site.

VueJS stands out from its competitors by its syntax, which does not impose a language in the writing of its views and offers a syntax similar to that of Angular. For both small and large projects, VueJS provides a non-binding solution to its users. In addition, its ecosystem has a wide variety of tools which makes it easy to create an application very quickly.

Key VueJS Benefits

Easy Payment

Two-Way Data Binding

The two way data binding feature of VueJS framework helps in syncing the frontend and the backend to facilitate real time data streaming.
Excellent Loading Speed

Faster and Lighter Virtual DOM

VueJS comes with a very small APK size and lighter virtual DOM helps keeping the app size smaller and lightweight.
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Easy To Learn

VueJS as a JavaScript framework offers an extremely low and quite manageable learning
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Fast Server Side Rendering

VueJS ensures fast paced server side rendering to help building robust, powerful and high-performance apps.
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Template Based Syntax

VueJS offers a very clean syntax and makes things further easier for the developers with
easy to use template based syntax.
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A great deal of flexibility is another strong point of Vue.js. It provides an amazing facility to the user to write his template in HTML, JavaScript file, and pure JavaScript file using virtual nodes.

Our VueJS Development Services

Custom App Development
We use VueJS particularly for developing custom enterprise and web apps with lean footprint, great performance and sophisticated and instantly engaging user experience.
Portal Development
At WebOccult, VueJS developers prefer utilising the powerful features and capabilities of the technology for developing dynamic and fast loading web portals for different business niches.
Front-End Development
When it comes to frontend development, our developers prefer VueJS for developing powerful, dynamic, multifaceted and lightweight web user interfaces.
Real-Time App Development
At WebOccult, web developers prefer VueJS for developing apps with real time data streaming capabilities thanks to the two way data transfer capabilities.
Single Page App Development
We also prefer VueJS for developing lightweight and low footprint single page web apps thanks to the lean APK size and clean structure of Vue.
Platform Migration
At WebOccult, we also offer active help to all existing web apps to migrate their frontend to VueJS and make things easier with our years of experience in such VueJS migration projects.
Maintenance and Upgradation
We offer consistent post development support and maintenance services for all VueJS web projects and help existing Vue apps to upgrade with latest features and security updates.
Vue.Js Consultation
We understands your business challenges and tries to resolve it through Vue.js app that aligns with your business goals and pain points.

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Our Vue.js Expertise

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WebOccult is an expert VueJS based Software as a Service (SaaS) solution provider to
cater to different niche enterprise and consumer software needs with sophisticated,
feature-rich and future-ready SaaS products.
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Social Media

WebOccult specialises in utilising the two way data binding architecture of VueJS for building
powerful and fast loading social media and media streaming platforms and web apps.
WooCommerce Shopping Cart Integration


We utilise the power of VueJS frontend development in delivering high performance, instantly engaging, lean, lightweight and visually appealing e-commerce storefronts.
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We at WebOccult, utilise the prowess of VueJS framework to develop extremely lightweight, easy to use and performance-savvy gamification features and tools for diverse web projects across the niches.
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On-time delivery

PHP thanks to its easy and well articulated syntax, established development practices and easy to use frameworks ensures faster development and on-time delivery.

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