9 Reasons why Laravel is a great choice for web application development


Ruchir Kakkad

13 Dec 2022

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Laravel has been noted as one of the best framework options to develop a web application, and rightfully so. As per the official website, the web development framework is an open-source PHP web application framework. The syntax is especially simple and easy. It works on MVC (model-view-controller), an architectural pattern to separate the model, the view, and the controller. This makes the framework especially easy to work on.

Laravel has an edge over other PHP framework solutions, such as CakePHP, Codeigniter, etc. because it is interactive, is intuitive and understandable. Furthermore, it helps developers by letting them access libraries to help them find answers to the challenges they face. The Blade Template Engine makes templating easy.

There are more benefits of using Laravel for developing your web application. In this blog post, let’s discuss some of the best ones!

9 Reasons why Laravel is a great choice for web application development

1. The MVC Architecture

The MVC architecture is a great advantage to web application development. MVC architecture is known to separate three components of an application, which are the model, the view, and the controller. This allows the developer to have a complete view of how the application looks and makes it easier for the developer to tweak their application without fuss.

Furthermore, MVC architecture helps in separating the user interface and business logic. This helps in splitting the data to turn it into logical files, which makes it easier to find larger projects.

MVC architecture allows you to maintain transparency within the layers and helps you to simplify the development. The architecture allows you to simplify some commonly used tasks and helps you develop a high-performance website.

2. The Blade Template Engine

Laravel is known for its easy and simple syntax. The reason behind this is the Blade Template Engine. The blade engine is simple; however, it is extremely powerful. Laravel Blade Template allows the developer to do much more than any other templating engine.

The best part about the blade template engine is that it is simple; it does not restrict the user from using simple PHP code, unlike many other templating engines. Additionally, it allows the developer to create a sleek theme and design for the website.

Laravel’s use of Blade makes it easy to have fast rendering websites. Blade caches the view; this happens until the design is modified, which means all the resources and views will have extensions.

3. Open-Source

Many developers use open-source platforms because it gives them the freedom to learn and access a variety of codes. However, Laravel, especially, does this a little better. Unlike other platforms with no updates, this platform is updated periodically.

The framework had come into play after the previous one had failed critical security features such as authentication and authorization. To eliminate that, the Laravel framework is checked, updated, and maintained.

4. Artisan Tool

Another great reason to use Laravel is simple, the Artisan Tool. The beauty of this tool is that it allows you to automate the long list of monotonous tasks easily. This tool helps you automate and have the tasks running without manual intervention.

The tool runs on the Symfony console component and helps access easy-to-read commands and schedule your commands for the Artisan tool. The tool can be easily used to run an artisan CLIR instead of creating the PHP.

5. Better security

Laravel offers better security to developers. The platform allows the developers to find a robust user authentication, which helps remove any possibility of unauthorized access. The framework allows you to sit back with ease when it comes to security with the help of “providers” and “guards.” These elements improve security.

What’s more, you can store your password in the database without worrying about it being found or hacked. The password can be stored in a hashed format. The framework has a crypt feature, a hashing algorithm, which generates a new hash every time you use it.

6. Tutorials and Support

Developers need some support when it comes to learning the evolving tech. Laravel helps developers to access a plethora of options for education. Laravel developers can find a community here that provides support and help to developers. The community to find help is called Laracasts.

The community has many tutorials and aid for developers. Other than this, developers can also access some amazing videos that help them walk through the process easily. Laravel has a community to help coders learn and develop as technology changes set this framework apart from others, such as CodeIgniter and CakePHP.

Furthermore, the community offers paid and free support and help to the developers, which is a huge advantage to developers.

7. Better Cross-Platform Integration with Mail and Messaging Systems

Developing a website with integration does not have to be difficult. Laravel offers an in-built API service that allows you to send messages, auto-receipts, promotional messages, etc. As a developer, there will be no need to include other forms of extensions to help you manage the same.

What’s more, Laravel can easily integrate with different drivers such as Amazon SES, Mandrill, Mailhgun, SparkPost, and SMPT. It also integrates easily with PHP’s send mail and mail functions. Laravel’s framework lets you build a website that easily sends emails through a cloud-based service and a local network. It even supports messages to services like Slack and Nexmo.

8. Automated Testing Processes

One of the reasons why developers choose to work with Laravel is thanks to its automated testing process. The platform allows developers to test their applications with protocols. The platform comes with built-in PHP Unit Support Testing and a phpunit.xml file. The unit and the file are already set up and ready to access.

The unique feature of the automated testing process supported by Laravel is that a developer can run extensive tests. The unit not only allows the developer to test the entire program for errors and malfunctions but also allows the developer to test every feature, one by one.

9. Prioritized Messaging in Queue

One of the most important features of Laravel is its smart features. The framework helps you to develop a website that helps you to send messages, emails, and receipts constantly. And that too on priority. Messages for tracking orders, processing membership requests, and purchasing information are easy to queue.

The framework can easily prioritize messages and requests easily. This feature allows developers to create a website that automatically processes every possible request. What’s more, the Laravel framework can easily handle thousands of requests.

More Benefits that make Laravel Stand Out

Apart from this, Laravel has many other key benefits that make the platform stand out from other platforms. Here are a few more key features which have made this framework a go-to developing option:

  • Forms to manage errors:
    Laravel works with Monolog Logging Library, which provides support and help. This offers support through different log handlers. When a customer types into the form, the system will catch the errors. And then, the developer will be able to sort out the errors easily.
  • Better cache handling:
    Laravel helps you to find better-caching configurations. A developer can create different cache backends and works with backends like Redis and Memcached. These backends can be configured to store cached objects. This feature makes the framework better and ideal for larger websites.
    Laravel helps you to find better-caching configurations. A developer can create different cache backends and works with backends like Redis and Memcached. These backends can be configured to store cached objects. This feature makes the framework better and ideal for larger websites.
  • Effective database management:
    The data management system of the framework helps you to improve the website. The framework easily streamlines all processes, which helps the system manage updates and migration effectively. The thing is, the Laravel migration system helps developers to build a database that can handle all updates and version changes without having to worry about the update changing the model. This means that the risk of losing data development due to new updates is mitigated.


That said, Laravel comes with a host of benefits for developers. The framework has many benefits, making it a better platform for web application development. This helps the developers to build and design a stunning website. Furthermore, the different integrations have made the framework easy to work with.

Laravel is fast becoming the go-to choice for many developers. Most of the features mentioned above are quite impressive. However, there’s more to the framework. From better security to impressive templates, from better security to effective data management, Laravel offers a backbone with many features for the developers to create a great website. Additionally, the platform is perfect for small or large websites. Laravel is one of the most competent frameworks for PHP web development.

Having the best team of Laravel developers for hire means we can undoubtedly assist you with getting the most out of the Laravel framework. Our Laravel experts will understand the creative aspect required for a successful web application! With the PHP framework and the application, our experienced laravel team can help you create applications and websites to make your ideas and businesses a success. Contact us today and let’s discuss your needs.

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