A Step Closer To Digital Reality

An Eco-System to Monitor, Predict and Evolve Businesses. As it is much more than a digital footprint: It is a virtual and contextual representation of a whole organization.

Digital Twin - When Reality Meets Technology

A digital twin is a virtual representation of a physical product, process, or service that may be used to make data-driven decisions and eliminate inefficiencies in corporate processes.  It is a technology that builds virtual representations of the physical world and its numerous relationships.

Key Differentiators

Using Computer Vision and Deep Learning, WebOccult has developed an algorithm to identify behavior patterns not just on the basis of facial features, but also on the clothing/attire of that particular individual on that particular day.

Finding Behavior Pattern

Tracking the Movement of a person in a restricted/marked area. When the Movement, Frequency, and Speed is matched with the person’s authority, we can detect suspicious activities.
Can also be used in Sports. For example, in football, tennis, Cricket, baseball, etc.

Virtual Sniffer/Back-Trace

Create a path/trace of a person even if there are non-overlapping cameras. This is useful when suspicious activity is detected/reported. Tracking of Non-overlapping cameras is based on the aspects of human re-identification, camera-link model-based tracking, and graph model-based tracking.
When we run the trace of multiple people, we can even identify the interaction points/places.

Prevent Catastrophic Accidents

Surveillance systems that raise alerts automatically at public places like airports, metros, railway station offices, restaurants, etc. when people/groups of people approach the restricted areas.

Auto-Processing Of Video Footage

Watching video footage can lead to tons of Man Hours, fatigue, and Boredom. As a result of that, Operator’s analysis can be considered risky. With set KPIs, we can automate this.

Auto Analysis Of Zoning/Path Division

Tracking combined with Gender and Age Detection, we can analyze and study the decisions made by people on which path to go or which store they enter.

Efficiency Monitoring

With Tracking a person/ object and its trajectory path, we can monitor his or her efficiency and predict the different possible paths/routes to maximize the efficiency.

Ergonomics Risk Assessment

With constant body pose tracking, we can raise health alerts when any person is found in stressful positions.

Fitness Levels Assessment

With each game passing by, we can check the fitness levels of the players and the team. Even of the opponents. This helps the managers to build tactical plans.

Mordernize Your Process With The Digital Twin

There several benefits that you will see in your process after you adopt the digital twin technology and some of the major benefits are as follows :

In 2021, The global digital twin market size increased by $7.5 B worldwide
Global digital twin market size will grow 35% by 2030
The revolution in technology could reduce 7.5 Gt CO2 emissions by 2030
50% large industries will use digital twins by 2025

Our Process For The Digital Twin Development

We help you ease the multilayer complexity of digital twin to gain accurate data that will result in sharper insights with our 4 easy steps

Digital Twin Process

Use Cases Of The Digital Twin

Let’s look at our some of the key features of solutions to know how we improved building operations and enhance the workplace experience

Manufacturing Excellence

Manufacturing Excellence

We provide a 360-degree solution that optimises and scales-up manufactuiring industries, leveraging the most relevant KPIs based on insights and controlled intelligence Take next step towards successful digital transformation today.

Manufacturing Excellence

Corporate Advancement

Digital twin yields actionable insights which will help you take decisions on space planning, move coordination and employees health conditions. Operations become really easy to manage from single dashboard You can also monitor and check the ever-changing behavioural patterns, hence, making your corporate guidance effective and productive.

A Constant, Efficient And Reliable Tool To Built More Trust In Communication Of Your ESG Metrics

With its unique Digital twin Model, Our Development and Integration aims to elevate the evaluation of multiple touch points/metrics helping your organization to calculate the ESG Score.

Environmental Issues
  • Carbon Emissions
  • Water Sourcing
  • Biodiversity & land yield
  • Toxic emissions & waste
  • Packaging material & waste
  • Troubleshooting High-end Machinery
Social Scores
  • Labour management
  • Worker safety training
  • Supply chain labor standards
  • Product safey & quality
Goverance Issues
  • Management’s Behaviour Understanding
  • Asset Management

Industries Being Served

The key to Digital Transformation is Digital Twin technology, which integrates Big Data, AI, ML, and the Internet of Things. It is mostly employed in various industry verticals.

Real Estate

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