How to find a trustable computer vision development company?


Ruchir Kakkad

28 Feb 2022

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Just as the taste of blood turns a mammal ferocious, the possibility opened by artificial intelligence (AI) technology made businesses ambitious in creating solutions that overcome human limitations. It is a well-known fact that the human brain is still capable of processing more data than computers and human eyes are still better lenses than the most advanced lenses in the market.

But human mind and sensory perceptions lose their processing power and precision with extended hours of engagement. Just as the loss of attention is a human characteristic, missing certain objects from recognising due to extended and stressed attention is equally human. This is the limitation that AI and its subset technology computer vision venture to solve.

Computer vision by learning from the visual data it is fed with can detect or recognise objects automatically. The technology has become immensely popular across all types of systems of various industries ranging from vigilance, adoption of process automation, fraud detection and security, manufacturing, retail, entertainment and media, autonomous vehicles, healthcare, education and many others.

Do you have a unique app idea to utilise computer vision technology in a useful manner? Or, do you want to use the potential of computer vision technology for your enterprise app? Whatever be your ambition, finding the right computer vision development company for the project is crucial. Before guiding you regarding this, let us spare a few words on how computer vision software can benefit businesses across the niches.

The key reasons for your business to invest in computer vision

Computer vision technology has already penetrated a wide array of industries. From public administration and security to healthcare to fintech to retail and e-commerce, machines’ ability to detect objects, people, places and visual elements is increasingly playing a critical role. The market of computer vision software products that merely stood at $13.7 billion in 2019 is expected to reach $24.3 billion by 2027.

Manufacturing companies have found a helpful ally in computer vision technology for crucial processes such as quality control. According to the Economist Intelligence Unit survey, a whopping three fourth of manufacturing companies feel that quality inspection in the manufacturing process and productivity got a boost thanks to computer vision software applications. Technology also plays a key role in reducing costs for all industries.

There are many business leaders and industry influencers who feel that how the benefits of computer vision are availed by businesses will be the differentiator factor for the brands to stay competitive. As per the Forrester research, close to two-thirds of industry influencers whose opinions matter in purchasing decisions feel that computer vision technology will play a crucial role for their companies in the forthcoming years. According to the same research, around 58% of business leaders are either already planning or just implementing computer vision software for their businesses.

The biggest reason for companies to invest in computer vision technology is automating several tasks while ensuring more accuracy and precision. Computer vision technology also plays a key role in reducing operating costs and improving customer experience to a great extent. Since the shortage of skilled staff is a challenging factor for many manufacturing companies, particularly during the pandemic, intelligent automation based on technologies such as AI and computer vision is gaining ground.

Where to find a computer vision development company?

For implementing computer vision, you need to go to expert AI software development companies with expertise in Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning and computer vision. The demand for AI skills is skyrocketing across the industries. Because of this huge demand, there is a considerable skill gap in the market now.

Most businesses consider the shortage of skilled developer talents as the stumbling block for implementing AI and computer vision-based software. Naturally, the hunt for talented developers with proven expertise in computer vision can no longer be limited to your own country. This is the key reason why an increasing number of businesses are outsourcing computer vision software development.

AI talent and AI top talent percentage by countries

AI talent and AI top talent percentage by countries

Source: Statista

Just in sync with the continuous expansion of the scope of implementation for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies, the skill gap is also expanding. Lack of AI and machine learning experts resulting in a wider skill gap has now become a global issue for tech companies. According to a study by Capgemini 55% of companies feel that the skill gap is widening at a rapid pace.

So, for outsourcing computer vision projects it is advisable to look towards countries with a higher concentration of AI and Machine Learning experts and companies with a proven track record in developing computer vision software products. According to the above report, while the US has a 70% skill gap for AI implementation, India has a 64% skill gap for the same. Among the leading IT outsourcing destinations, both India and China have the highest concentration of AI talents after the US.

How to choose an expert computer vision development company?

Now, you also need to have a comprehensive idea about the key tech skills that computer vision software developers should have. Based upon your project you also need to find out the companies or developers with particular expertise in the similar implementation of computer vision technology.

Here are some ways to shortlist expert companies in computer vision technology.

  • First, make a comprehensive list of leading computer vision development companies.
  • Now go through the reviews, references, client testimonials regarding the vendors. You can find these on their websites or third-party platforms like LinkedIn, Clutch, Manifest, Goodfirms, etc.
  • Consider companies having good IT infrastructure, development lab and great recruiting capabilities.
  • Make sure the company can show several successful computer vision-based software projects.

As for assessing the developer skills, consider the following skills.

  • At least 5 years of continuous experience in programming with C/C++, Java, Python and .NET.
  • Proven track record and expertise with AI & ML, data science, big data, cloud computing, DevOps and QA processes.
  • Expertise with widely used tools and environments such as TensorFlow, VisionWorks, PyTorch, SimpleCV, Caffe, OpenCV and several others.
  • Proven expertise in creating and training data models and testing and improving them.
  • Expertise with various methods of classifying and detecting objects and visual elements.
  • Expertise and experience in working with tried and tested algorithms such as NLP, OCR, CNN, etc.

The biggest challenges for computer vision technology the development partner should help you to deal with?

Over the years, implementing computer vision technology has had its own set of limitations. There are several key challenges corresponding to the hardware, data quality, data architecture and a few others. Let’s explain these challenges that a computer vision software development company should be able to handle.

Lack of Hardware Configuration

Computer vision software programs work through both software algorithms as well as the hardware components such as cameras and connected sensors. Lack of hardware configuration can lead to poor implementation and output of the computer vision software. You also need to choose the right CPU capacity for carrying out computer vision tasks involving both neural networks as well as deep learning.

Not Feeding Quality Data

Computer vision technology primarily works by learning from the dataset it is fed with. Insufficient or poor quality data obstructs this machine learning process resulting in unsatisfactory output.

There are proven approaches like data augmentation to make the data more diverse so that the software can easily understand the common patterns irrespective of small nuances or differences.

An incremental machine learning model that helps the machine to learn continuously over time is also an important approach. For carrying out robotic tasks by using computer vision technology, using reinforcement learning methods to reward and punish machine behaviour is another popular approach.

Choosing Inappropriate Model Architecture

Just because businesses cannot gather a lot of quality data to train the machine, the model architecture for computer vision software projects doesn’t fulfil the requirements thoroughly. This is why instead of being too ambitious, choose a model architecture that suits your ability to gather relevant data for training.

This may make you sacrifice your ambition of creating software with a lot of detecting capabilities. But this will at least allow you to build software with high precision output within a relatively smaller scope of object detection.

Why choose WebOccult as your computer vision development partner?

WebOccult has established itself as one of the leading names in the field of computer vision software development. WebOccult has developed a multitude of award-winning and widely benchmarked software products with a unique implementation of computer vision technology for different industry niches.

Some of the key reasons for businesses of all sizes and niches to choose WebOccult for their computer vision software projects include the following.

  • WebOccult is a leading software development outsourcing company listed by leading review sites such as Clutch and GoodFirms.
  • We boast of a large pool of talented AI and ML developers having proven track records in computer vision software projects.
  • Our key development expertise range across Python, Java, .Net, Data Science, AI and Machine Learning, cloud computing Big Data, and a few others.


If you want to build high-quality computer vision software for your business, you have landed in the right place. Implementing software vision technology uniquely to meet your business needs is not easy unless your project is in the hands of true experts. Here in WebOccult, you have the right mix of creative brainstorming and AI expertise to lead your computer vision software project to success.

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