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Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality have rapidly evolved from science fiction to game-changing business tools. Customers can now have a more elevated experience in which organizations can address their emotions and develop their dreams into a more visible form. Both technologies provide a wide range of possibilities for mobile app development, allowing businesses to engage customers in ways they never have before. By leveraging AR/VR apps, our developers create a unique and captivating experience that adds value to your company.

Expertise, We Offer

Accelerate transformation at the intersection of business, technology, and experience through the following solutions.

Augmented Reality Solutions

We have extensive experience with modern AR technologies, including Lidar, ARkit, Vuforia, and Firebase. Additionally, we create custom mobile apps tailored to your needs.

Mixed Reality Solutions

Today’s world demands quick decisions and fast responses. Our cutting-edge Mixed Reality solutions provide you the ability to generate realistic and vibrant reflections of real-world environments.

Metaverse Development

Embrace the Metaverse with Weboccult’s end-to-end solutions that will empower your business to participate in the landscape of present and future.

Digital Twin

A virtual model of a physical product, process, or service from beginning to end that enables data-driven decision-making and eliminates business-process inefficiencies.

Immersive Experiences And Compelling Visuals

We’ve overcome many technical challenges while working on augmented reality solutions. And with our immersive experiences, we harness the power of every device with our product.

Object occlusion

AR content interacts with the environment by utilizing LiDAR, 3D ToF, and cameras in order to increase object detection accuracy.

Image and object tracking

Improve entertainment, communication, training, and collaboration by blending objects with the user space.

Plane Detection

Animate a high-resolution model and place it on a horizontal or vertical surface. Let the audience view, walk around, rotate, and resize it.

Technologies We Work With

Our AR/VR Development Process

We follow a systematic approach to build AR/VR-based models that help businesses to scale up and grow.

Development process


Brainstorming & Ideation

The first step is to do brainstorming and analysis of the project to determine the roadmap.


Concept Design & Storyboarding

Based on the nature of the project we design initial concepts and create storyboards


System Architecture & Design

Our creative team and System Architects then build the architecture and start with 3D Object Designing.


Animation & Visual Effects

Then our Motion Graphic Designing team works on scenes animations and every necessary visual effects.


Prototyping & Playable Demo

Our team of Analysts creates a prototype or representable demo to give a glimpse to the client about how the system will look like.

How AR/VR Technology Is Serving Industries


The use of AR/VR to teach students and interface with medical equipment in a safe environment.

Real Estate

Real-time 3D objects superimposed over a physical scene to provide a virtual tour of your building.


Immersive and full-presentation experiences for cinemas, TV shows, games, and theaters.


Integrated audio, video, and button equipped with interactive 3D models and holograms of products.


Real-time 3D objects superimposed over a physical scene to provide a virtual tour of your building.


In-store navigation, virtual dressing rooms, virtual assistants, collection showcasing.


Building prototypes to evaluate new components, training employees, testing and maintaining equipment, and building interactive guides.


Education lab simulations, AR/VR tutorials, virtual excursions, and recreations of historical events.

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