How is Laravel One Of The Best PHP Frameworks In 2023?


Ruchir Kakkad

13 Dec 2022

8 min

Technology has improved leaps and bounds. What used to be a dream a couple of years ago is a reality. This is because people are continuously looking for new things. They want to evolve and make things better for themselves and the world at large.

In recent times, we’ve seen a 360° transformation in how businesses are running their operations. And, website development is an integral part of this transformation. Websites help the brands showcase their products and services to their target audience. They also help them in ORM, lead nurturing, and conversion. Laravel is one such PHP framework helping brands to build state-of-the-art websites for their customers.

Laravel is an open-source PHP framework, which is robust and easy to understand. It follows a model-view-controller design pattern. Laravel reuses the existing components of different frameworks which helps in creating a web application. The web application thus designed is more structured and pragmatic.

It is an open-source PHP framework with an  expressive and elegant syntax that helps you create new things without breaking a sweat. The best part is you can create both full stack applications in PHP using Laravel or use the framework as a backend API for your .js applications.

According to builtwith, about 685,868 live websites use Laravel. Isn’t that cool? Not only this, but the Laravel framework is used in building some well-known websites such as Alison,, MyRank, Mack Hankins, Cachet, etc.

Now that you know what Laravel is and how popular it is let’s address the bigger question – Why use Laravel? We’ll cover this in the upcoming section of the blog. Stay with us till the end!

What are the benefits of the Laravel framework? 

The Laravel framework has several advantages. Some of them are:-

Extensively Used 

As we already know that over 6 lakh websites are built on the Laravel framework, it is touted as the most popular framework for website development and is extensively used. Additionally, most developers have expertise in this framework. This also means that you’d most likely get a solution to your problems if you get stuck. 

The one feature which makes this framework a hot-favorite of developers is Fortify.  It is an optional extension  which adds two-factor authentication to your application in just a few minutes. Fortify also helps users to generate recovery codes and manage the two-factor settings. 

Having said that, Laravel is popular among experienced developers given its communicative coding pattern unlike other frameworks like Cogeigniter, which is famous among novice developers. 

Robust Security Features

Safety is a big concern for any business. No company wants a ransom attack on their business and get their data stolen. And this is where Laravel comes into the picture. It is one of the most secured and robust frameworks of the modern-day. It uses SQL injection to fullproof its security and protect your website’s data from getting hacked. With Laravel, you can rest assured that your website will remain safe and secured.

Multilinguistic Ability

This feature makes the framework stand out from the competition. This feature of supporting multiple languages makes the framework capture larger areas with different cultures. Developers can use this framework for a Russian client as well as an Indian client without any issues.

Laravel supports multiple languages, which means developers knowing different native languages can code in this framework. Hence, this leads developers to code for both a Spanish and a Brazilian client without breaking a sweat. The major upside of Laravel having multi linguistic capabilities is that businesses can tap more regional markets and get more conversions. This makes Laravel the best PHP framework among developers and website owners as it helps you showcase your products and services in more than one language.

Quick Turnaround Time

Laravel has a pre-installed object-oriented library. These libraries have a host of features such as active user monitoring, password resetting, encryption mechanism, and Request Forgery (CSRF) protection, among others.

All you need to do is use these tools and features on your website, and you’d be good to go! Besides, Laravel also uses MVC architecture, which helps bring order to your website development process.

The best part? Laravel is popular for its Eloquent Object Relationship Mapping (ORM). This feature makes data recovery quick and easy in case of any contingency.

Besides, you can also split the project into different modules using Laravel wherein other PHP frameworks like Codeigniter are not having this feature. 

Host of Libraries 

Laravel has over 20 libraries and different configurations to help you develop websites of your choice. The libraries make the Laravel framework user-friendly, robust and intuitive for users and aid the development process. They also help developers create awe-inspiring websites.

Traffic Management

Websites built on the Laravel framework can handle a sudden influx of traffic seamlessly. They won’t crash or hang and can very well manage the traffic. This feature enables the customers to stay longer on the website and ups the customer experience. If you like doing frequent updates to your website, the Laravel framework is your best bet!

Database Migration

Have you wondered what makes Laravel Framework the top PHP framework? The answer lies in its database migration. Migrating your database is relatively easy in Laravel. We’ve already mentioned that Laravel is known for Eloquent Object Relationship Mapping (ORM). It solves all the compatibility issues between the databases such as SQL and MySQL and ensures a seamless flow when switching databases.

That said, Using the Artisan console feature, one can also manage database migration and seeding and help package assets in Laravel. This feature ensures users migrate code easily and safeguards them from building code skeletons.  

Open Source 

The best feature of Laravel is that it’s open-source and free to use. Developers across the globe use Laravel over other PHP frameworks because it has state-of-the-art features and strong background which continuously brings new updates to the framework. Laravel offers the following features to the users —

  • An active community of developers that will resolve all your queries about the framework
  • New plugins and modules are launched periodically
  • More room for customization
  • Resources related to the framework are easily available online

Cloud Storage Option 

Laravel uses in-built support for the cloud storage systems such as Amazon S3 and local storage. It’s super simple to switch between the storage options as the API remains the same for each system. With Laravel, one can use any system they like in an application, fetch and retrieve data and serve files from multiple locations in a distributed system.

Wrapping Up 

Laravel is one of the most popular PHP frameworks for developing web applications. It is easy to use and has a host of features that makes the entire development cycle easy and convenient. Apart from this, Laravel also has MVC model support, a cloud storage option, a host of libraries, command-line interfaces, and built-in ORM. All these features make Laravel the best PHP framework in 2023.

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