What Revolution Does Mobile App Marketing Trend Bring to Sustain For Longer Than the Pandemic?


Ruchir Kakkad

20 Oct 2020

7 min

Covid-19 has paused the world and its development as well. The world is going through a pathetic condition that can be only prayed to get solved. Since every passing day is taking the world to an expected end. Professionals are compelled to work from home and to limit the resources. The budget and profits graph of companies is slashed. Revenue generation and development activities are almost stopped. This downturn has affected Mobile App Marketing Services too badly. Covid-19 seems like the worst health crisis of the time.

Pessimists are making it more disappointing. Since there is always a ray of hope, the new normal can stay there forever. Travel, entertainment, hospitality, and many such sectors are facing the hardest hit by this pandemic. The businesses will need sufficient time to cope up. This recovery time will surely become an important part of the entire business life. Various sectors are showing their worth in this cruel time and hailing themselves from troubles. The Mobile App Marketing trend is showing great potential to the various businesses for investing in digital technologies. When many wonders which industry can really raise the head after the departure of pandemic, mobile app applications are showing grace.

Digital marketers are utilizing different mobile applications like Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger chatbots, etc. These are extensively used to entertain, communicate, and engage the audience. The emerging innovative techniques are standing for App Marketing Trend 2020 and that will surely retain there even after the Covid-19 era.

When the lockdown begins, many things start changing. Sometimes, the changes are meant to sustain for long. Covid-19 has pushed the world to adopt many new things for the first time ever. Businesses are adjusting themselves to get fitted into the new normal and being a Mobile App Development Company, Weboccult is no exception.

Mobile App Trends For The Post-Covid-19 Era

Mobile app developers have agreed that when they packed their bags for supporting the sudden lockdown, there were no hopes. But there were many things that were waiting for the change. Whatever people have anticipated, the new world has brought much more. Mobiles have become an enormous part of our regular lives. In this way, Mobile App Marketing Services have been cultivated well by programmers and developers. Here is a list of amenities that will serve us, even after Covid-19 too.

  • The Boost in Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR)

App developers are utilizing Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) techniques to offer an immersive experience to their target audience and users. They have provided a spark to the industry to push the world into a wonderful reality. The digital interaction gets easier and this further increases the customers’ expectations with the product. Additionally, it also raises expectations and competition to higher levels.

Since the pandemic knocks our doors, these kinds of digital attraction get normal. Mobiles apps are in the race to win the AR and VR race. For example, the pandemic restricts the buyers to have a trial room tour before making the final purchase. Augmented Reality offers a virtual trial for clothing. App Stores are featuring more AR and VR applications to stay here.

  • The Relevance of Ratings and Feedback from the App Store

It is not a new emerging trend to ask for rating and feedback. Our society is always ready to provide all the essential and non-essential information regarding anything they see. When the same comes to share on the digital platform, this again seems a good opportunity where they can talk about their experiences with the others. Even if they had had dinner somewhere last night, they can rate the restaurant and share the taste experience on the relevant app. This can be a new practice for many people but the Covid-19 period has helped us to discover many things through mobile applications only.

This can be a fruitful Mobile App marketing trend that public areas are adopting. With online ratings and reviews, people can check for the best one to opt for the same. Usually, people don’t have time to download, install, and use an application just to see whether it is worth it or not. If they can find their authenticity through ratings and reviews only, they find it better and feasible.

  • Transactions Through Applications

Though the world was crawling towards digital transactions, it finally got more users. To avoid physical contact, people tend to perform transactions through mobile applications. Covid-19 pandemic seeks a clean and virus-free exchange of payments. This is only possible when people will start paying for their bills and subscriptions via mobile applications.

This is something that needs to be done. But, unfortunately, people were hesitating to adopt it. Obviously, complete adoption is not possible. Coronavirus compelled us to download these apps and to keep it on our phones. This trend may have more opportunity realms to cover, even after the pandemic will be ended.

  • More Security Practice

Online data breaches and information leaks are going like regular scenes of the scenario. The misuse of data, somehow, becomes a part of technological innovations. With the development of technology, anyone can make intrusions to mess the securities of users. Technological developments are now providing more attention to the legislative policies related to the personal records of users.

Businesses tend to focus on securities. But they are not consistent and persistent to stand for data securities. The year 2020 and Covid-19 are promising better transparency through apps. Marketers need to be clear with their communications with the users about their data collection. If users are finding their data protected by the concerned platform, they are likely to consent to data access.

Final Words

Being a professionally dedicated Mobile App Development Company, Weboccult stands with clients and users in every condition. Covid-19 brought the worst conditions for our lives. But it again includes some positive sides. Many app marketing trends took place to ease the livelihood and to secure their lives. We have adopted many app marketing trends for the benefits of our clients. App Marketing Trend 2020 will set a remark for the corporate that is most likely to exist even in the post-Covid-19 era too!

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