Top Ten Artificial Intelligence Applications


Ruchir Kakkad

20 Jan 2022

7 min

The function and popularity of artificial intelligence are exploding day by day. Artificial intelligence is the ability of a system or program to think and learn from experience. AI has evolved significantly over the past few years and has applications in almost every industry. 

Here are the topics that will be covered in the article on artificial intelligence applications:

  • What is Artificial Intelligence?
  • AI facts and figures
  • Artificial intelligence applications


Artificial intelligence (AI) is the intelligence displayed by the machine that simulates human behaviour or thinking and can be trained to solve specific problems. AI is a combination of machine learning and deep learning techniques, and AI models trained using vast volumes of data can make intelligent decisions.


1. Artificial intelligence in e-commerce

Personalized Shopping

Artificial Intelligence technology is used to create recommendation engines to better interact with your customers. These recommendations are made based on their browsing history, preferences, and interests, and it helps improve your relationship with your customers and their loyalty to your brand.

AI-powered assistants

Virtual shopping assistants and chatbots help improve the user experience when shopping online, and natural language processing makes the conversation as human and personal as possible. Additionally, these assistants can have real-time engagement with your customers. Did you know that on, customer service could soon be handled by chatbots?

Fraud prevention

Credit card fraud and fake reviews are two of the biggest problems e-commerce businesses face. By considering usage patterns, artificial intelligence can help reduce the possibility of credit card fraud. Many customers prefer to purchase a product or service based on customer reviews, and AI can help identify and manage fake reviews.

2. AI in navigation

GPS technology can provide users with accurate, timely, and detailed information to improve safety based on MIT research. The technology uses a convolutional neural network and graph neural network, which makes life easier for users by automatically detecting the number of lanes and road types behind obstacles on roads. AI is widely used by Uber and many logistics companies to improve operational efficiency, analyze road traffic and optimize routes.

3. AI in robotics

Robotics is another field where artificial intelligence applications are commonly used. The AI-powered robots use real-time updates to detect obstacles in their path and plan their journey instantly.

It can be used for –

  • Transport of goods in hospitals, factories, and warehouses
  • Cleaning of offices and large equipment
  • Inventory management

4. Artificial intelligence in human resources

Did you know that companies use innovative software to facilitate the recruitment process?

Artificial intelligence helps blind hiring. Using machine learning software, you can examine apps based on specific parameters. AI training systems can analyze candidate profiles and CVs to provide recruiters with an understanding of the talent pool from which to choose.

5. Artificial intelligence in healthcare

Artificial intelligence finds various applications in the health sector. AI is being used in healthcare to build sophisticated machines that detect disease and identify cancer cells. AI can help analyze chronic diseases with lab data and other medical data to ensure early diagnosis. AI uses the combination of historical data and medical intelligence to discover new drugs.

6. AI in agriculture

Artificial intelligence is used to identify defects and nutrient deficiencies in the soil. It is done using computer vision, robotics, and machine learning; AI can analyze where weeds are growing. AI robots can help harvest crops at a higher volume and faster rate than human workers.

7. AI in Game 

Gaming is another sector where artificial intelligence applications have found an important place. AI can create intelligent, human NPCs to interact with players.

It can also be used to predict human behaviour using game design and testing that can be improved. Alien Isolation games released in 2014 use AI to track the player throughout the game. The game uses two artificial intelligence systems – “Director AI,” which frequently knows your location, and “Alien AI,” driven by sensors and behaviours that constantly drive the player away.

8. AI in automobiles

Artificial intelligence is used to build autonomous vehicles. AI can be used with cameras, radar, cloud services, GPS, and vehicle control signals to operate the vehicle. AI can enhance the in-vehicle experience and provide additional emergency braking, blind-spot monitoring, and driver-assisted steering.

9. Artificial intelligence in social media


On Instagram, the AI ​​considers your likes and the accounts you follow to determine which posts are shown to you in your Explore tab.


Artificial intelligence is also used with a tool called DeepText. With this tool, Facebook can better understand conversations, and it can be used to automatically translate articles from different languages.


Twitter uses AI to detect fraud remove propaganda and hate content. Twitter also uses AI to recommend tweets users might like, based on the type of tweets they interact with.

10. Artificial intelligence in marketing

Artificial intelligence applications are also popular in the field of marketing.

  • Using artificial intelligence, marketers can deliver highly targeted and personalized ads using behavioural analysis, pattern recognition, and more. It also helps retarget audiences at the right time to ensure better results and reduce feelings of mistrust and embarrassment.
  • AI can help with content marketing to match brand style and voice. It can manage routine tasks such as performance, campaign reports, and more.
  • AI-powered chatbots, natural language processing, generation, and understanding can analyze user language and react like humans.
  • AI can provide users with real-time customizations based on their behaviour and can be used to modify and optimize marketing campaigns based on the needs of a local market.
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